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The CeLebrity KiLLeR Says Some Creative Rhetoric on November 28th 2020

CeLebrity KiLLeR Say’s “420 is GooD, but 423 is BLiSSFuLLy Better and a whole lotta more.” CeLebrity KiLLeR Say’s “The Highest Level of Genius is Creative Genius.” CeLebrity KiLLeR Say’s “Hi, Xenagama, THE WASP Xenagama.” CeLebrity KiLLeR said “You can’t have the Celebrity without the KiLLeR.” CeLebrity KiLLeR Say’s “The Weeknd is the BEST Musical Genius you got.” CeLebrity KiLLer Say’s “i need an agent so i can sign them deals.” CeLebrity KiLLeR said “Sometimes, when the world is Lucky, Guy’s..Like..Me, get to make real movies.” The CeLebrity KiLLeR said he created over 23,019 New SuCcuBuS – THE GAME oF TAKE characters for his feature film trilogy and book titled SuCcuBuS – THE GAME oF TAKE. Can you do the simple arithmetical calculation? The CeLebrity KiLLeR said the New SuCcuBuS Character list always begins with AuGuST AMES GoLD BuLLion THE GoDDeSS oF aLL GoDDeSSeS MOST BEAUTiFUL GoDDeSS Ever SEEN. CeLebrity KiLLeR Say’s “She knows how ta make the awesome Poutine.” CeLebrity KiLLeR say’s “The addition’s, to the list, oF New SuCcuBuS characters created by me goes somethin’ like this.” 1. ManuKa HONEY otherwise known as ManuKa MONEY – From Australia New Zealand. The HeaLer and Supreme Caster oF SpeLLS. Queen oF aLL SuCcuBuS Honey Bee’s. She’s the only who possesses all forms and unknowns, such as the highest level and or levels of Royal Yemeni Sidr Cave Honey from Yemen, located in Southwest Asia, at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Fairy Honey otherwise known as Elvish Honey from the mountains of Saricayir Dagi Artvin province Turkey. DARK Madagascar HONEY from a tree in the see somewhere over Muncy Allegheny Blood Bee’s. Maple Canadian Mermaid Honey from Ames Nova Scotia Atlantis. And GaLactic Honey’s from the Colorful World’s that teleport they’re entire hemisphere’s. ManuKa has strong ties with The GoDDeSS oF aLL GoDDeSSeS GoLD BuLLion. But even though SHE is The HeaLer oF aLL HeaLer’s and The Supreme Caster oF aLL SpeLLS. She is also an esteemed Assassin when called upon. For her finishing PoWeR’S are not only untold but flawless. And she will always aDD to her own personal collection of what makes her sO mysterious and BEAUTiFUL, with her Fluorescent Pink Va Jay Jay, and a KaLa KaLamaZoo. Number 2. GAGNANTE – She’s a No CoLoR DeviL with a No CoLoR TonGue. Who knows what ta say and how ta pLaysAY. Unlike any Female Chameleon Tongued Queen before her, she’s the one who know’s how ta make em DREAM within the seams while flowing through her reaListic, Continue on oR Reyno, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie that info inCepTion, Trip Trip, Sequence Sequence, Move Scenes. And her sordid chatte MAMAN a’. Number 3. 10 TiMES – She can DO what ever their is – want – needs – desires 10 TiMES. The same way, different ways, o yEA that wouLD be seXuaLLy brilliant with her. But when that 39 HouR CLOCK ENDS, 10 TiMES reset’s for her SuCcuBuS Mythology’s to begin again. 10 TiMES has never fallen in LOVE. But one day her plot may very well thicken. OnLy The Evdi knows what happens then. Number 4. RED ViaNEY – The Horny Honey Bee inVisibLe to Antagonist’s. No No She’s no Strumpet, aLwAYS on JoyfuL Vacations far far away. Keeper of ALL those yOUNG aSpiRe ASSA’S SSA’Sin’S. To be be be, for onLy He He He. Number 5. MiLaRT JANET – Highly Medical. Related to the ONE they caLL GoDDeSS or Queen Bee’s? O yEA She’s SeXy & the results are in. For he..really..does..know how ta process that info when Experience-Learned, yEA The CeLebrity KiLLeR said “You can’t learn how ta do that by readin’ magazines.” instinct-surroundings-given. A Shifty Wise Russian once said “No GooD DeeD GoeS Unpunished.” And that Shifty Wise Russian was right. No GooD Deed sO and sO dOeS Go Unpunished. Cause i’m BACK. Back through TiME, Reading those, “BEST ANSWER” “BEST ANSWER onLY” and excellent KaRma. yEA i piCKed the riGHT ONE. And that’s what happens when ya let that Talent aLwAYS cOME …CuM… FiRST. Written into SuCcuBuS Mythology. O no She’s never gonna work unless desired. Rewarded She will be, for aLL and beyond aLL known & unknown times. Number 6. RK Charade otherwise known as Shit HOUSE – Truck Driver Hot. No i ain’t saying she’s a Truck Driver. I’m saying she’s Truck Driver Hot. sO i’z a eye’s a put her on aLL mY whO WheRe “Shit HOUSE” expeditions. aS you already know i don’t like Shit HOUSE. But she goes on aLL mY THE Shit HOUSE Missions. Where the out come or out CuM’s are completely and utterly POinTLeSS, reMOTELY Nuclear Freezing 3 River Winds. End result/results always being the same. hER demise. For Shit HOUSE onLy has two choices in infinite repetition. Nuclear Freezing Shit HOUSE 3 Rivers RePEAT, or neVER exist, including them rOOTS. Don’t you eVa do wha ya did ta ME, mY Friends, or anyONE, eVER aGAin. Now your Shit HOUSE forever, or YES Please. Number 7. ULpta – i will not be providing a description. This is in the best interests and or prerogative of intelligence’s. Number 8. 3 4 – Deadly, instant with a linger, most certainly insidious when required. But i own 3 4 now. What about 2 4? No it was 3 4. How do you know? Because it was 3 4. Are you sure it was 3 4? Long pause with deep then deeper. Yea okay. But it was HER. Which one? You know which one. How do you know? Because she knew who i was first. So how are you going to? 3 4 is the shit. 2 4, 2 4 iS insidious. So 3 4 is 3 4 and 2 4 is insidious? Yes. But your not worried about 2 4 being insidious? No, once you have her pinned, she can’t jump. insidious is insidious until you have her pinned, then she can’t jump. Are you crazy? She’s NOT a Bee, She’s a WaSP, She’s THE WaSP Xenagama. Say it in FRENCH. THE MANY WHO RULES – “in the cold dark winds, Xenagama, Xenagama, Xenagama, and THE Reyno Credev Evdi.” Number 9. Code Name – The Hollywood Honey Bee – GaLaxy CLASS – Superior to MALE and FEMALE. The Honey Bee oF GREATNESS, The Honey Bee oF FACiNATiONS, The Honey Bee that Runs your SHOW. Number 10. The Amalfi Coasta’s – Cream PuFF Heaven’s, Lead by The Madagascan Mary Rosan Honey Bee oF iMMortaLities. Number 11. Apple La – The Ancient Honey Bee of honey fruits, honey cakes, honey carrots, and honey tricks. Number 12. Caprisha – The Honey Bee oF LuCK, Great Fortune, and a nice ass that Caprisha has. Number 13. Shanghai Zhou – She’s always in The TOPS, FRONTS, V i P’S, No Pay No Prize Winner Charity Guest Lists, THE ShiT, yEA… that Shanghai Zhou iS ONE Slick Honey Bitch. Number 14. The Alaskan Arctic Honey Bee – Part Wolverina, part Black Bear, part Stellar Sea Lion. All her DNA’s in one BEE. Producer of Weather Honey’s. From this/your world that is. Number 15. Voodaa – The Up Riser oF Hallucinogenic and or boiling and or scathing’s within the flesh. Where about’s and or origins NONE. Number 16. Xenagama – otherwise known as THE WASP Xenagama – THE QuEEN oF aLL WASPS. Deadly, SeXy ASS, and she knows how ta show every inch, even when/where your not. BARE and THE HOLES. The highest Level of insidious. And she doesn’t insidious, insidious, insidious. Ahead of the grade outta the gates, but loses herself cause she can’t sleep feelin herself, cause she can’t think movin herself. When she walks, SHE KNOWS. No YOU/they don’t know, but SHE KNOWS. No she doesn’t have ta run. Why would you make her run? This show’s you how far off you really are. And she’s just so MANY HoRnY, and she don’t mean any harms, but they don’t make em easy, and she falls, and she falls, and she falls. No no, she doesn’t EnVy The QuEEN BEE’S, but she holds GRUDGES. And she Shit’s em, and she Shit’s em, and She Shit’s em. And some don’t mind emZ, mind emZ, mind emZ. But She’s not 3 4, for like he said. When ya got em pinned, THEY Can’t JUMP. And now SHe’s Mine. Xenagama and i. NoTE: The previously revealed, described original SuCcuBuS – THE GAME oF TAKE Character named Xenagama – THE WASP Xenagama is created/developed/experienced by Renato Caravaggio CeLebrity KiLLeR for his feature film trilogy and book titled SuCcuBuS – THE GAME oF TAKE. Also, a NEW Feature Film and or Television Concept has been created by Renato Caravaggio CeLebrity KiLLeR, and is in development. Renato’s NEW Concept is based on “Honey Bee’S” and or “Horny Honey Bee’S” with the antagonist being THE WASP Xenagama. Renato’s original concept can be produced in the following formats and or ratings: Animation, Science Fiction, Reality and or Reality mixed with Science Fiction. Rated PG, Rated PG-13, Rated R, and Yes The Triple X’s would love this as well. With original Honey Bee and or Succubus Honey Bee character’s such as, The Hollywood Honey Bee, The Mary Rosan Honey Bee oF immortalities, RED ViaNEY, Apple La, Caprisha, Shanghai Zhou, and The Alaskan Arctic Honey Bee. The plots within Renato’s original concept and or concepts are endlessly FLouRiSHABLE. For further details send queries to Okay back to the list. At Number 17. DoLLa – DoLLa is not the money, and she is not on the money. The Venezuelan Princess iS THE MONEY, and iS on aLL THE MONEY. DoLLa is a Pipe Line Specialist. Her veins run on CASH, more CASH, and CLOUD CARDS. No not Bank Cards. CLOUD CARDS. She’s sent on missions null and void of feelings or LOVE. Does she want more? Does she want love? Prove it. Has DoLLa ever asked for more? no. But that’s up to DoLLa. if DoLLa comes to me for more. DoLLa’s gonna have ta prove for the chance to go on more. You really are fairly. yes i am. is DoLLa attractive? What are some of her attributes? DoLLa is charming when given or around CASH. And she knows who’s the who and has the has. She’s tom boyish, but knows when and where. She’s always on point with her designers, customs, keep those heels on baby yea. DoLLa DoLLA’s, is A Pipe Line Specialist, and i’m never gonna trade em in. Wait. Are you saying you have move than one DoLLa? Number 18. Miami – She’s Paradise. No further description within these writings. For further details send queries to