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The Pool Party Season in the state of Nevada is big business for the Las Vegas Strip.  It all started with the Rehab Pool Party from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where party goers from all over the world would travel to participate in the outrageous and lavish pool party fun.  The overwhelming success of this venue has now spawned a whole new pool party culture similar to “Spring Break” with every relevant hotel in the Las Vegas area showcasing their very own pool party with either a celebrity guest or famous performer headlining the event.  I Renato Caravaggio, purpose the idea to choose a diverse group of eight to ten people between the ages of 21-29 to live together in Las Vegas.  The series would present their spontaneous, unscripted interactions with one another and the “Raging Nonstop Fun Environment” around them for 3 months while exposing the Electric Las Vegas Pool Party Life Style.  Also, being that Las Vegas is internationally known for it’s gambling and now growing pool party scene.  I Renato Caravaggio, purpose the idea of casting a unique group of eight to ten people from outside of the country, such as the UK, and then airing the series in such country and or countries, starring their very own cast of English Reality TV Stars while at the same time providing international advertisement for Las Vegas.  This Reality TV Show should also be produced and or presented to the countries of China, Brazil, Germany, France, Russia, or any and every country that would be interested in such project.  The Reality TV Show Title should and or could be:  POOL PARTY INVASION.  Slogan and or tagline:  Las Vegas Pool Parties!  Bikini Girls!  Alcohol!  Night Clubs!  Gambling!  Do you have what it takes to make it to the end of the summer?  Renato Caravaggio is the sole creator of this domestic and or International Original Reality TV Show Series.  Thanks