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Mike Tyson Vs. Roy Jones JR. CeLebrity KiLLeR picks BiG iRON MiKE TYSON EVERY TIME.

Pending the out come of the 2020 Presidential Election i predict some sort of chaos. But chaos and or bad sportsmen ship is not the answer. The answer is in the decision’s of the American People. And once that decision is made. Both parties must WORK TOGETHER in order to positively progress allowing for the overall prosperity of the middle class, the poor, and the Richie Rich. For competitive competition is a necessity. But racism and social undermining is BELOW ZERO in the game and or games of competitive competition. And all those who use the previously stated negative inspirations/tactics in order to Stop ONE oR MORE, to Sabotage ONE oR MORE, to SteaL from ONE oR MORE, are responsible for the endless stream of insidious catalytic problems that reside in today’s society. So until we as an American Unit say no more. No more to the Racist SociaL Undermining Hypocrites who thrive on such acts because they aren’t talented enough to compete otherwise or whatever’s in that head of theirs which i don’t wanna see nor hear. And hold them accountable by saying HEY i HAVE A VoiCE. Something very wrong happened here and i’m allowed to express myself by telling my true story so other’s can avoid the pitfalls and use my true story and or stories as a reference point. Everyone knows what happened to The Celebrity Killer. And those who don’t wiLL. And even though The Celebrity Killer has full right just like in the wild wild west. i ain’t gonna. But i fully understand why they used ta. The Celebrity KiLLeR is a Creative Genius and YES a SeXuaL MASTA. The Celebrity KiLLeR is also a nice guy. sO no matter which way the Future goes, here, onLy here. The Celebrity Killer WiN’s. Because i over paid the price to be the BOSS. E. H. HOLLYWOOD, and aLL those before and during the flow, THE GAME HAS CHANGED. Everyone KNOWS. And those who don’t wiLL. ….L….LAS VEGAS iS MY TOWN. CeLebrity KiLLeR.