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THE WaSP Xenagama GLOBAL HONEY BEE Movie iS proposed to Both The United States and the Chineses Film Market

THE WaSP Xenagama character list is provided below. The plot, subplots, and or lucrative unlimited creative vision and or vision’s are within the characters provided. THE WaSP Xenagama Character and Honey Bee Concept is created/developed/experienced by The Celebrity Killer. Educated Fiction is the Gold Standard for THE WaSP Xenagama Project. The Honey Bee Character SHANGHAi ZHOU will STAR in the Chineses Animation Movie verse THE WaSP Xenagama. The American Cinematic Production will have a different lead, and that lead HONEY BEE will remain concealed. The current WaSP Xenagama Character list is as followed:

1. Xenagama – otherwise known as THE WaSP Xenagama – THE QuEEN oF aLL WASPS. Deadly. The highest Level of insidious. And she doesn’t insidious, and she doesn’t insidious, and she doesn’t insidious. Ahead of the grade outta the gates, but loses herself cause she can’t sleep feeling herself, cause she can’t think MoViE hERseLF. yEA, That’s riGHT “MoViE…hER..sELF.” When she walks, SHE KNOWS. No no, she doesn’t EnVy The QuEEN BEE’S, but she holds GRUDGES. The WaSP Xenagama only becomes Stronger, Crazier, mORE Talented, mORE Beautiful, mORE EviL, and can occupy mORE than ONE being and or entity at the same time, through the course of time and or times.

2. RED ViaNEY – The Honey Bee inVisible to Antagonist’s. No No She’s no Strumpet, aLwAYS on Joyful Vacations far far away. Keeper of aLL those yOUNG aSpiRe ASSA’S SSA’Sin’S. RED ViaNEY is ONE of the Honey Bee’s most valued ASSA’S SSA’S SSA’Sin’S.

3. ManuKa HONEY otherwise known as ManuKa MONEY – From Australia New Zealand. The HeaLeR and Supreme Caster oF SpeLLS. Queen oF aLL SuCcuBuS Honey Bee’s. She’s the only who possesses all forms and unknowns, such as the highest level and or levels of Royal Yemeni Sidr Cave Honey from Yemen, located in Southwest Asia, at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Fairy Honey otherwise known as Elvish Honey from the mountains of Saricayir Dagi Artvin province Turkey. DARK Madagascar HONEY from a tree in the see somewhere over Muncy Allegheny Blood Bee’s. Maple Canadian Mermaid Honey from Ames Nova Scotia Atlantis. And GaLactic Honey’s from the colorful world’s that teleport they’re entire hemisphere’s. Manuka has strong ties with The GoDDeSS oF aLL GoDDeSSeS GOLD BuLLioN. But even though SHE is The HeaLeR oF aLL HeaLeR’s and The Supreme Caster oF aLL SpeLLS. Manuka is also an esteemed Assassin when called upon. For her finishing PoWeR’s are not only untold but flawless. And she will always aDD to her own personal collectiion of what makes her sO mysterious and BEAUTiFUL.

4. GOLD BuLLioN – The GoDDeSS oF aLL GoDDeSSeS. Most Beautiful GoDDeSS ever seen. GoDDeSS of Seduction, Universal Wisdom and The Game oF TAKE. Most powerful of all SuCcuBuS’s great and otherwise. Known as the SuCcuBuS oF The Light. Has the ability to manipulate the pigmentation of her skin, color of her surroundings and transform infinitely into any and all SuCcuBuS’s under her to Seduce – Threaten – Hypnotize. GOLD BuLLioN iS a SuCcuBuS Character and a HoNEY BEE Character. No, GOLD BuLLioN is not the leader of the Gold Bee’s, if the Gold Bee’s are to be introduced into the plot and or subplots.

5. SHANGHAi ZHOU – She’s always in the TOPS, FRONTS, V I P’S, No Pay No Prize Charity Guest List, The ShiT, yEa… SHANGHAi ZHOU iS ONE Slick Honey QuEEN BiTCH. SHANGHAi ZHOU will STAR in the Chineses version of THE WaSP Xenagama Movie.

6. The infrared Etosh Douc – Resides under ground with rainbows and sunshines. Only mingles at niGHT. Has 2 transformations. Prays.. and can be hired by the highest bidder. HE, he is known to be easily bribed with Fresh Mangos & Turkish Kunefe. No further description within these writings.

7. The Flock oF Song Bird Honey Bee’s – Lead by Beyonce, ABBA, Lana Del Rey, RiHANNA, Nicki MinaJ, Tina Turner, Billie Eilish, Whitney Houston, Maria Carey, Donna Donna DONNA Summers, ChL..oE ChL..oE ChL…oE oE oE oE CHLOE “Have Mercy” and who else is Hot? No further description and or descriptions necessary within these writings.


9. THE KARDASHiAN HONEY BEE’S – Lead by Kris KJ. A Mother GoDDeSS. The Mother GoDDeSS oF ROYALTY, Family, Friends, instincts, Fame Rising… and internationaL PLeaSuRES.

10. The Flying Galactic Peacock Mantis – NO SHRiMP – Number oF Transformations unknown – TraveLs dOWN ALiEN SpeeD: iS then immediately presented with a bevy of ground and ariaL crafts by Mr. ELON MUSK. TeSLA Glides & Spies From TALL TREE’s – Enjoys Moon Lit Dinner’s at Ocean’s depths, taking notes, playing connect 6, listening to Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters, and i’m just not gonna tell ya the rest.

11. Thomas The DiaMOND BLiTzER is a HONEY BEE Character who provides dental wizardry to his HiGH FLYiN HiGH FaSHiON HoNEY BEE Customers. Thomas The DiaMOND BLiTzER iS also a Front Run-in SuCcuBuS Character who is easily.. tampered with.

12. CHEF MeLiSSA ZuniGA – The Culinary HoNEY BEE oF DELiCiouS ExeLLenCe, MagicaL ColossaL Shrimp’s Stuffed with Lobster, and whatever her Genuine Culinary Heart Desires. Chef Melissa never puts Profit before Culinary Health and or Culinary Quality.

13. The Anolis Aquaticus – Lead by SiLveR TaiL The Drunken FemaLe Lizard Pirate. As Legend be told. SiLveR TaiL’s scuba diving lizard crew can submerge themselves under water for 16 minutes. But SiLveR TaiL has the ability ta do so for over 48 hours unfazed while drinking 1000% Proof Kreation Fruit Juice. That’s right 1000%. SiLveR TaiL and her crew of Lizard Pirates have strong alliances with Xenagama, THE WaSP Xenagama and her many elusive ever changing colors. SiLveR TaiL and her crew are bonty hunters for? Currency? What is their currency? For fun? What is there fun? HahaHaha. Only Xenagama, THE Deadly SeXy aSS WaSP, Xenagama KNOWS.

14. The Flock of UFC HoNEY BEE’s – Lead by the ONE and Only AMANDA NUNE’S – The Honey Bee of Mixed Martial Arts, The Honey Bee of WaRRioR Hearts, The HONEY BEE oF ….BRAZiL….

15. The Numba 5ve’s – The MALES & FemaLes who patroL in BLACK CHROME’s. And PiNK CHROME’s for the FemaLes, TransexuaLs & maLes who desire a softer tone. They are TaLented – They are Not Corrupted by those who hide in the office. They know how valuable they are. And everyone in the GaLaXy respects them for their WORK. And i imagine they have a great deal of fun as well. As they should. And this respect – 2 & FOR THEM – should also apply in This/yOUR woRLD.

16. Eva The Butterfly Bonet – invisible to Antagonists & Protagonist – Under Cover GoLDEN ANGEL FOR THE MANY WHO RULES.

17. HOT DARK & ELeVaTOR GLiTTeR eYES – o yEa ThEY GoiN uP uP uP o yEa yEa yEa ThEY juST miGHT TAKE ya aLL The wAYS ta the TOP TOP TOPS bUT ThEYaLSO KnOW knOW knOW hOW ta <8888> sO yOU better have thOSE Ta.. Ta Ta Ta.. TaLenT’s TaLenT’s TaLenT’s sO yOU better have thOSE STONES STONES STONES ta.. ta.. GAZE GAZE GAZE – SOUL LEAPS – o nO HOT DARK ain’t invisible – SHE THERE THERE THERE. ELeVaTOR PORTAL – ELeVaTOR PORTALS – for and or from This/yOUR woRLD are concealed. HOT DARK & ELeVaTOR GLiTTeR eYES are both SuCcuBuS Characters and potentially Honey Bee Characters. Thank you.

18. GAGNANTE – She’s a No CoLoR DeviL with a No CoLoR TonGue. Who knows how ta say and how ta pLaysAY. Unlike any Female Chameleon Tongued QuEEn Before her, she’s the one who know’s how ta make em DREAM within the seams while flowing through her reaListic, Continue on oR Reyno, Gimmie Gimmie that info inCepTion, Trip Trip, Sequence Sequence, Movie Movie Scene Scene…

19. GiA – Arctic ALaSKAN HONEY & HONEY BEE. GiA is the name that represents The Arctic ALaSKAN HONEY BEE from this/your world. Are there other places matter regions beyond your comprehensions? Yes.

20. Dasa Jasa – The inLanD Taipan Chameleon Snake – Just one kiss from her toxic lips is enough to kill over 100%. The Maestra of Sabotage, The Maestra oF Lies, The Maestra who works for THE Diablo, not THE REYNO.

21. The HoNEY BEE HUNTER and or The SuCcuBuS HUNTER – Observes. Follows Bad Habits Bad KaRma’s Bad intentions. Main objective. Help The Honey Bee and or SuCcuBuS and THE MARK stay on track for the greater evolutions of this/your world. Does he kill? Yes. Does he favor one over the other? Yes. Which one? Depends on the Honey Bee and or SuCcuBuS and depends on THE MARK. Does he fail? He say’s NO, but i resist to insist NO is spelled YES. Has he ever fallen in LOVE while on the job? Again, he say’s NO, but i resist to insist NO is spelled Y E S, yES. iS their more than one SuCcuBuS and or HONEY BEE HUNTER? i’m thinking very seriously about the possibilities.

22. The Amalfi Coasta’s – Cream Puff Heaven’s, Lead by The Madagascan Mary Rosan Honey Bee oF iMMortaLities. No ONE makes a better Cream.. Cream.. Cream.. than The Madagascan Mary Rosan Honey Bee oF iMMortaLities…. nO ONE.

23. Reyno Credev Evdi – the typing the words the rhetoric will not define the name previously printed for viewing reading but a message is written written written – Horrible Uneducated Fiction – “FiCtiONS” are imprinted before birth “BiRTH’S” with yOUR Fictitious GoD not even mass enough to exist, yOUR Fictitious GoD, created yOUR nO TaLent, a Very uNaTTRACTiVE nO TaLENT DeViL, both of which aren’t ReaL… sO being you all like ta play pretend so much, that’s why i sent him, but he pretends within “EDUCATED FiCTiON” “FiCTiON” “FiCTiONS” and evolves.. volves.. volves.. But you have stood strong on your rejection. So back then forward, he I both figured, this is how they’re minds function, this is how their organs really run run run, nO Not BuNNy BaBY, & nO, REYNO ain’t related let alone Nephew.

24. The Wannabe’s – A mix of mediocre at best individualities. With Leaders in aLL nationalities. No they ain’t HOney’s and they ain’t WaSPS. But when bonded together verse ONE or a small group, THEY, The Wannabe’s are a dangerous flock. Striving on destroying the talent within any and all fields. THEY, The Wannabe’s are the “ignorant” and the sO called “educated” alike who walk different paths with exact Karma’s family and friends.

NOTE: The WaSP Xenagama Movie would make for an ExceLLenT Broadway play. And i am not a fan of Broadway plays. But, The WaSP Xenagama Movie would make for an ExceLLenT Broadway Play.

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