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CeLeBrity KiLLeR News JOE BiDEN WinS Presidency

Congratulations to President Joe Biden and Vice President KamaLa Harris on they’re impressive Presidential Victory. And a very sincere thank you to President DonaLD TRUMP for his hard earned efforts to make this country strive in so many ways. Now let’s aLL work together, both Republicans, Democrats and Aliens. Let’s make for fair play among aLL those Great SmaLL and in between. Let’s make America a place where The TaLent ALwAYS Comes FirST. And yes it’s okay to be cocky when your really good at something. Let’s make America a place where if someone needs a helping hand, they’re given not onLy ONE, but Two, Three or More. Let’s make America a place where when you know something is RED, you call it RED. Where if you know something is BLUE, you call it BLUE. The United States oF America has and has aLways had the Luxury, the opportunities to be the greatest Land and or Lands within aLL known Lands. But due to greed, the unwarranted egos and or “The Smoke And Mirror People”. The United States oF America has slowed the natural evolution of they’re own talents. And by doing so, they have formed barriers against they’re own innovations, they’re own original creations necessary in order to excel further into THE UNKNOWN. So once again, The CeLeBriTy KiLLeR congratulates President Joe Biden on his Victory over My Boy Mr. President DonALD TRUMP. Now let’s just work, play, and Win Win Wynn aLL… together now, forever. CeLeBrity KiLLeR