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Three New Celebrity Killer Movie Concepts For Sale at Celebrity

Transexual Vampires from Transylvania, Louisiana. Every year, these unknown transgender Vampires travel from 3H 58Minutes away to attend the infamous Mardi Gras In New Orleans USA. They stay at a boutique hotel called Sarcophagus. The hotel is owned by MORE. No one knows if MORE is a Man or a Woman. But MORE is one of the four founding members of the Horror Mask Maniacs, and is also the owner of a growing international limousine service. Once the “Tranny Vamps” arrive on holiday, they prey on the tourist and locals without a care in the world. But when the son of a Powerful New Orleans Voodoo Witch is taken by the fangs of the Tranny Vamps. A war of mystical powers ensues turning this years Spooky Mardi Gras into a deadly gumbo filled with nothing but blood, wizardry and a whole lot of nuts. Original movie concept created by Celebrity Killer and Celebrity Killer only – Renato Caravaggio – The Creator. Note: She’s Got Nuts is one of many volumes from the Celebrity Killer Horror/Drama/Sci-Fi Series which includes Horror Mask Maniacs, Rental Scam Psychos, Bunny Baby Run, Succubus – The Game Of Take, Painfuldise and Midgets and Sangria by Evil Digits. The original characters such as Celebrity Killer, MORE, Succubus Of The Light – Goddess August Ames, Reyno Credev Evdi, The Hair Queen, Sammy Blue and others, are intertwined throughout each new storyline connecting any and all volumes with the potential for unlimited expansion. These original characters are created by Celebrity Killer – Renato Caravaggio – The Creator ONLY.

What if, there was a Big City in a Small Town? Where the “Blood God” – Dracula, lived next to Marilyn Monroe. And Marilyn Monroe, lived next Albert Einstein, who was secretly friends with Nicki Minaj in a future life. What if they all lived together, in the same place, at the same time, while still remain within there own illustrious time periods? What if Dracula and Einstein fell in love with Marilyn Monroe. What if Nicki Minaj got jealous and “Shitted On Em”? What if…? Note: This is not meant as a slap stick comedy. The story lines are based on nonfictional and or fictional characters. Therefore the comedy aspect within the storylines would come naturally. This original movie concept is created by Celebrity Killer and Celebrity Killer only – Renato Caravaggio – The Creator.

Celebrity Killer say’s Social Undermining is performed by cowards, wannabes, people with narcissistic personality disorders, and in his experience – Homo’s seem to thrive with glee and anticipation for such experiences, especially if, or when having the opportunity to exercise such behavior at the expense of a straight person, male or female. Is Social Undermining Illegal in a court of law? When you have two premeditated stalking vandalisms, attempted armed robbery, and attempted murder. Well then, you bet you’re fucking ass’s it is smart guys. Social Undermining movie script is in development. Below is the definition for Social Undermining from Wikipedia.

Social undermining is the expression of negative emotions directed towards a particular person or negative evaluations of the person as a way to prevent the person from achieving his or her goals. This behavior can often be attributed to certain feelings, such as dislike or anger. The negative evaluation of the person may involve criticizing his or her actions, efforts or characteristics.[1] Social undermining is seen in relationships between family members, friends, personal relationships and co-workers. Social undermining can affect a person’s mental health, including an increase in depressive symptoms. This behavior is only considered social undermining if the person’s perceived action is intended to hinder their target. When social undermining is seen in the work environment the behavior is used to hinder the co-worker’s ability to establish and maintain a positive interpersonal relationship, success and a good reputation.[2] Examples of how an employee can use social undermining in the work environment are behaviors that are used to delay the work of co-workers, to make them look bad or slow them down, competing with co-workers to gain status and recognition and giving co-workers incorrect or even misleading information about a particular job.
Social undermining has been very effective in the workplace.[3] Various aspects of social undermining have affected the workplace and specific races. In workplaces, social undermining has connection with social interaction. Research has shown if a person has a supportive environment in their work setting, they are more likely to have a more satisfied life. Research has shown that social undermining exists in a separate and distinct continuum when looking at positive workplace behavior (e.g. social support).[citation needed]
Social undermining can arise through interactions with co-workers and supervisors; these interactions have an effect on the workers that are being undermined and can affect their work performance. Vinokur found that those who alleged to have social undermining in the workplace reported to have poorer mental health and experienced less well-being.[4] The study shows that undermining has a significant role in worker-supervisor and co-worker relationship and that it leads to various different outcomes such as feelings of irritability, anxiety, depersonalization, and depression. It shows that social undermining affects a person’s work ethics and well being.
Various different empirical studies have found that undermining has three specific factors[which?] that develop counterfactual thoughts. For example: “what would my life be like if I were not the target of undermining?” These studies’ findings[which?] indicate that “this rift plays a role in determining the magnitude of the employee’s reaction to the event by making the deprived state more salient”.[5][6][7][8]
Behaviors of social undermining can affect a person and his or her perceptions. The study conducted by Gant et al. addressed African American workers’ perceptions of co-workers and supervisors.[9] The research by Duffy, Gangster, Shaw, Johnson, and Pagon[3] addressed the fairness theory introduced by Folger and Cropanzano 1998.[5] The fairness theory suggests that when individuals face negative situations (such as being undermined by coworkers or supervision) they make cognitive comparisons known as counterfactual thoughts; i.e., they compare what actually happened to what might have been.[10] The results show that social undermining is closely related to attitudes and behavior regarding one person being or feeling “singled out”.
While social undermining can affect a person’s behavior and attitude on their job, it can also bring about envy. Envy can have a positive or negative effect: positive effects include increased performance or attempts at self-improvement. However, envy can have some very harmful effects, including aggression or crime. It can lead to belittling, gossip, withholding information, and giving someone the silent treatment.

HORROR MASK MANIACS – Created by Renato Caravaggio

Horror Mask Maniacs

Four Founding Members:
CELEBRITY KILLER – College Professor. Teaches film studies. The leader of the Horror Mask Maniacs. Wears Custom Designer Sunglasses at all times. Believes the greatest mask ever created is the one you are born with. The only member of the group that removes his mask before killing. Likes to rape and kill women. Sometimes pretends his victims are celebrities and desires to one day rape and kill a real celebrity.
INCOGNITA – Female Prostitute. Married a wealthy guy for his money then divorced him. She is human, but her soul is sometimes visited by the dark spirit of the Succubus Of The Light. During this time Incognita has the supernatural power to infinitely manipulate the light around her as well as the color of her surroundings and pigmentation of her skin and any and all human features to Seduce-Threaten-Hypnotize. She is also the demented love interest of the Celebrity killer.
SPLATTER PUNK – Large powerhouse of a man. Owns a Halloween Store and is a professional mask maker. Enjoys vicious-abrupt-kills and splattering blood everywhere. Sometimes wears a custom mask molded from his own shit and his own shit only. Shit mask is inspired by the Celebrity Killer.
MORE – Owns a prestigious limousine-transportation service for all those who worship the dark. Enjoys driving certain clients on special occasion. MORE’s exact gender is unknown. MORE is never satisfied. MORE wears a “Half Mask” on either the left or right side of the face. For when MORE wears the Half Mask on the left side, MORE looks like a Man. But when MORE wears the Half Mask on the right side, MORE looks like a Woman. Celebrity Killer is a valued client.

PLOT: An Elite Satanic Society holds a Halloween Party to indulge there own individual sadistic pleasures by killing the baited guests who have been tricked into attending. The Horror Mask Maniacs first meet and become friends at the party. After enjoying an extremely heinous evening, the members of the Secret Society continue with there normal lives. But as the Celebrity Killer becomes overwhelmed by the boredom from his repetitive occupation and surroundings. He finds himself obsessing over a unique house that looks as though the devil himself lives inside. He then calls upon his new found friends to join in on the killing of those inside the devilish house. Soon after, Incognita’s soul is visited by the dark spirit of the Succubus Of The Light granting her supernatural powers. This inspires them to go on a wild killing spree. They wear custom masks designed by Splatter Punk. One of the masks is molded from the Celebrity Killer’s own shit and his own shit only. A prominent news caster who is secretly part of the Elite Satanic Society recognizes his fellow cult members after reviewing the broadcast footage but does not reveal there true identities. Rather, during his live broadcast to the world, he gives them the nicknames of – Horror Mask Maniacs.

Credits: Original Horror Mask Maniacs story, characters and supernatural Succubus Character from the original movie concept titled Succubus – The Game Of Take are created by Renato Caravaggio and Renato Caravaggio only. Anyone who specializes in producing horror movies that claims this original concept and characters are not worthy of being produced for any reason is a total fucking asshole, period. No exceptions. Thank you so much:)