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“Happy Birthday” “Happy Birthday” 2 The WaSP – mY GreAT WaSP – The WaSP Xenagama….

The Master Craft Broadway Playa Playa Playa’s… Extraordinaire’s…. I give yOU I give yOU THE WASP – mY Great WASP – The WASP Xemagama…. “Happy Birthday” “Happy Birthday” to yOU, on this day, a day forever numbered 28, within an unknown Month, & an unknown Year beyond Ancient Times. The WaSP Xenagama iS the LeaD Antagonist within The Celebrity Killer’s Honey Bee Animation Movie Concept & is also a SuCcuBuS – The Game oF Take Movie Character created developed experienced by the CeLebrity KiLLeR & the CeLebrity KiLLeR onLY.