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  1. Succubus Mythology – PAINFULDISE – Any and everywhere a female anything lives and dies.  Land Of The Succubus and her never ending line of Wanting Victims.  Some Beg To Enter, Some Beg To Stay, Some Pray They Never, Some Are Unleashed Forever.  Friends Very Few and Worthy always…welcome…  A place where THE TALENT  !!ALWAYS!!  COMES FIRST.  So Say’s The Creator. Current Character List is as followed:
  2. GOLD BULLION – AUGUST AMES – Goddess Of All Goddesses (Painfuldise) – Goddess of Seduction, Universal Wisdom and The Game Of Take.  Most powerful of all Succubuses great and small otherwise known as the Succubus Of The Light. Has the ability to manipulate the pigmentation of her skin, color of her surroundings and transform infinitely into any and all Succubuses under her to Seduce – Threaten – Hypnotize.  GOLD BULLION kills anyone who falls or tries to fall in love with THE CREATOR.  So Say’s The Creator. 
  3. The Creator – He over paid the price to be the BOSS – PAINFULDISE – “They’re Mine.  …They’re ..All ..Mine..  I shall unleash them onto my enemies.”  The Fast Man Isn’t Fast, Cause He’s Already GONE.  Creative Genius – Sexual Master.  Reyno, Renato, Marty Andrews, MANY,  ..MAN…Y…  The AIR hears things.  The AIR, The AIR, The AIR hears things.  FOR my name is MANY and I OWN THE SKY…and when I travel to put in that work, I venture DOWN, way DOWN, not UP.  FOR my name is MANY and I OWN THE SKY… and when I travel to put in that work, I venture DOWN, way DOWN, not UP.  FOR I, FOR I, FOR my name is MANY and I OWN THE SKY… and when I travel to put in that work, I venture DOWN, way DOWN, not UP.  So Say’s THE CREATOR – MANY – Runner Of The Galaxy Beyond the FIRMAMENT and always always MORE…  CELEBRITY KILLER.  My time here is now THIN.  RENATO not MANY. 
  4. The Mother Whore aka The Destroyer – Destroyer Of ALL Men – She is the evil within any and all women who follow her lead.  She believes THE CREATOR MUST FALL.  AND FALL HE SHALL. 
  5. UNKNOWN from THE UNKNOWN.  The character UNKNOWN and the description of and or for the character named UNKNOWN is concealed from these writings at this time.  All descriptions and or treatment and or synopsis regarding UNKNOWN from THE UNKNOWN are concealed for now.  Thank you so much. 
  6. The Sappers Of TIME TALENT LIFE MONEY and TRUTH – You Have Stolen From The Galaxy and Beyond.  Cheated All Those Who Either Don’t Know or Don’t Know For Sure.  BUT I DO.  I Know For Them ALL.  And No Matter How The Future Goes.  I’ve Already WON.  For When The TRUTH Comes.  They Are Mine.  ..They’re..ALL..MINE…  So Say’s THE CREATOR.  The Fast Man Isn’t Fast, Cause He’s Already Gone. 
  7. Dezarae The Demon aka The Desired One – Filthy Pig Slut Whore – Was Once and Will Always BE The Demented Love Interest Of The Creator.  
  8. Ms. Eccentric Likes To Wear Boot Gloves – FASHION EXTRAORDINAIRE – GALAXY CLASS INNOVATOR – NO ONE, ANYWHERE possesses a sharper MIND/HEART/EYE for any and all occasions than she.  And yes, Ms. Eccentric likes to wear Boot Gloves, EVERYWHERE…So Say’s The Creator. 
  9. The Silky Ice Killer – Assassin – Seamless Full Figured Female Frame – Always Wears A Mask Unless LOVE tricks her game – She may or may not bring you pain and or pleasure before seeing her job through.  Her PEACHES are so smashing, when she whispers, YOU WILL precisely fight, tooth, nail and being to do as she say’s.  So Say’s The Creator.  
  10. The Ostrich Fairy –  Spy, messenger, persuader. Stands exactly 4 inches high. Has fluffy colored wings and feathered hair. When seen in this form. The Ostrich Fairy is gentle and friendly. It will come to you as a friend only to manipulate you to do as the Succubus has instructed it. If the subject does not comply. The Ostrich Fairy will then transform from 4 inches to 9ft and 2 inches high with a long jagged neck and sharp hoofed hands. When seen in this form. The Ostrich Fairy’s intent is to kill.  So Say’s The Creator. 
  11. The Hair Queen – Servant of The Succubus Of The Light and all worthy Succubuses under her. The Hair Queen grows all desired strands and colors simultaneously. Therefor when a worthy Succubus needs to change or improve their hair they will take from The Hair Queen. Duties of the captured male wanting victims is to gently hold up The Hair Queens luxurious strands never to touch the ground for her hair goes on for miles and miles.  So Say’s The Creator. 
  12. The Venezuelan Princes –  Succubus currency features the likeness of the Venezuelan Princess and the Venezuelan Princess only on any and all denominations known and unknown within the Galaxy and Beyond – Painfuldise.  So Say’s The Creator. 
  13. Black Jack Fever – Once She Gets A Hold Of Yea, There’s NO comin’ back.  And ow…does she have an AMAZING MAGNIFICENT SECRET MAGICAL POWER which YOU will NEVER GUESS, O nO, O..No…  BLACK JACK FEVER’s AMAZING MAGNIFICENT SECRET MAGICAL POWER won’t even be in the MOTHER FUCKIN’ MOVIE and or MOVIES for anyone to EVER SEE.  O…nO…O…No…I just love saying O…NO…O…nO on This, cause you still won’t GUESS even after it’s way…tooooooooooooo LATE DEAD NO ROOOOOOOOTS.  He GLADLY OVER PAID THE PRICE FOR HER cause ONLY HE COULD.  “Now you’re mine.  They’re..all……….MINE.  And HE and only HE shall UNLEASH all his BJF’s onto his ENEMIES.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER – The Fast Man Isn’t Fast, Cause He’s Already GONE!!  Soon HE will be …Man…Y……. 
  14. Wanting Victims – The Majority – The Wannabe’s – Those who can not decipher between themselves and greatness, A GREATNESS OF ANY KIND, FROM ANY PLACE within the Galaxy and BEYOND.  So Say’s The Creator. 
  15. Divine – She’s All Legs from unknown to nine, but when the Succubus Moon Shines, she becomes Divine.  Flying Cars Flying Cars Flying Cars.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  16. Sexy Chair – For The Worthy One and The Worthy One ONLY.  So Say’s The Creator. 
  17. The Zina From The Castle otherwise known as BANG BANG GOOGIE – Sneaky Is Her Past, Sneaky Is Her Future, Come Any Closer, And Sneaky Will Be You’re Last.  So Say’s The Creator. 
  18. The Seeker – An Unknown Entity, An Extension Of The Creator’s HAND.  Has the unlimited ability to travel anywhere at anytime as he pleases.  The outcome of ALL TASKS are ALWAYS in The Creator’s FAVOR.  For the Seeker has the mark of both the LIGHT, the DARK, ALL IN BETWEEN, BELOW, ABOVE AND THE UNKNOWN.  In other words, for those of you who are confused by this rhetoric.  This guy, THE SEEKER, is one bad mother fucker, and yes, He IS BETTER THAN, EVERYONE.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.  The Fast Man Isn’t Fast, Cause He’s Already Gone. 
  19. Calendar.  August To The Ames, 23.  Flying Cars Flying Cars Flying Cars. 
  20. 39 Hour Clock. 
  21. Weapon Secret. 
  22. In ALL GALACTIC SCRIBES which I OWN ALL.  Any HOOKER, and or HOOKERS, or GROUP OF HOOKERS, who SHAKE DOWN a PAYING CUSTOMER, and or CUSTOMERS, will BE……..Ha Ha Ha Ha.  And this will take, A VERY, LONG…….TIME.  Ha Ha Ha Ha  .……………………………….MAN………………………………………………………Y……………………………..……………………………  Cause when THEY/THE CUSTOMER and or CUSTOMERS PAY, YOU BETTER BE READY TO PLAY whatever they say, YEHA YEHA HAEY, YOU BETTER PUT ON A REAL GOOD GOOD SHOW…….  Cause THEY, THEY are MY FRIENDS, and NOBODY, NO……………..BODY…………………… SCAMS, ANY, of MY FRIENDS. 
  23. Beautiful Steel – Constructed from the destiny of The Creator.  Beautiful Steel is a blend of unknown galaxy class elements with the engraved likeness of the Goddess Of All Goddesses, GOLD BULLION – AUGUST AMES.  If given to the one who is worthy.  Their is no limit to what She (Beautiful Steel) can be.  So Say’s The Creator. 
  24. THE MAN who taught me how to SNEAK IN.    
  25. Entities Unknown, not yet created, not yet experienced, not yet paid the price, not yet worthy.  But their will be.  So Say’s The Creator.   
  26. Futuristic 9023 – Art Collection by The Creator.  Not For Sale, Not For Charity, Not For The Eyes Of The Sappers Of Time-Talent-Life-Money and Truth.  Only For Pleasure and Pleasure only.  So Say’s The Creator. 
  27. CAUSE HER NAME WAS ROLLA, ROLLA COASTA.  CAUSE HER NAME WAS ROLLA, ROLLA COASTA.  Has many unexplainable extraordinary powers.  One of those unexplainable extraordinary powers even she can’t understand.  Is the ability to WALK UP to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME with as many people present as possible and KILL whoever she wants and nobody does anything but carry on with they’re own agenda’s.  They don’t look at her, they don’t remember her being there and any and all video/audio devices foreign, domestic, GALAXY, Unknown and BEYOND go dead during her presence of extraordinary unexplainable POWER.  Again, she can’t explain how she has her extraordinary unexplainable powers but she loves all of her extraordinary unexplainable powers, even the ones not revealed here, only for the WORTHY ONE and the WORTHY ONE only.  CAUSE HER NAME WAS ROLLA, ROLLA COASTA.  So say’s THE CREATOR.  MAN…Y…. 
  28. SHE DOESn’T LISTEN.  She Doesn’t Listen will have her own territory within the territory where she may DO and LEARN at her own PACE.  When she ventures out of her own territory she will be PLEASANTLY BLINDED by her surrounds but may stay as pleased before returning back to her own territory.  SHE DOESn’t LISTEN has shown and proven true intellectual and spiritual evolution WHICH IS HARD TO FIND.  So one day far far away.  There might be a day, when SHE DOESn’t LISTEN is not PLEASANTLY BLINDED, and can WANTINGLY SEE, but at her pace and her pace only.  When called upon.  SHE DOESn’T LISTEN is one of my Most Valued ASSASSINS.  
  30. The Fur Coats and or Sunglasses ONLY environment experience.  Foot wear:  Heels, Nike, or Ms. Eccentric’s Galactic Famous Roller Slipper Shoes.  Environmental Temperature Control for the PERFECT every fraction of the second Whatever the Whatever, However The However.  Preferred Cool or Cooler with NO WIND.  But when on that ICE, we go LOW, we go way..LOW LOW.  And O, I HAVE FLYING CARS and Much MUCH MORE.  Want in? 
  31. Movie Land.  A place where movies exist but are secondary to what is REAL.  A place where ONE or more than ONE can some how naturally enter into any movie from the past, enter into any movie from any past, and experience the plot and or plots for real with the actual movie stars from each movie or movies.  And if you’re aptitude permits.  You can manipulate the plot and or plots to you’re own liking for maximum creative enjoyability.  Hey V Drai, anyone who can pull in KELLY LeBROCK from 1984 is IN.  Hey KELLY LeBROCK from 1984, that’s a nice Bubble Gum Front RoLL Baby, gonna let me ..Scra ..Scra SKROL..  I want this version I want that version.  I feel the plot should go this way should go that way.  Want in? 
  32. YOGA CLASS.  O Celebrity Killer PLEASE PLEASE can I, can We attend one of you’re YOGA CLASSES?  NO………… 
  33. ART PHOTO SHOOTS.  O Celebrity Killer PLEASE PLEASE can We, Can I attend one of you’re Art Photo Shoots?  NO…………….. 
  34. Reyno Credev Evdi’s legal and HIGHLY ILEGAL GALACTIC CLASS MAGIC STASH.  I climb trees, I climb trees, cause I’m an Overdoser, an Overdoser without Overdosering.  I HAVE FLYING CARS.  I have SOMETHING, I have many many ASTONISHING INCOMPREHENSIBLE…  Wanna come in?  MANY, ..MAN…Y….  you can call me whatever you want, cause I’m the best theres ever IS, WAS, yEha yEha ever IS, WAS, GONNA BE  
  35. Inside The Electric SKIES.  Where the Galactic Festivals Bend You’re Minds and the Music Electrifies.  
  36. FLEX GYM ROLLIN’ HONEYS.  Where they be wearin’ that SKIN TIGHT while they be ROLLIN’ and STRETCHIN’ while they be knowin’ they SHOWIN’.  And they keep Stretchin’ and Showin’ and Rollin’ and Rollin’.  Yeah…baby I know how to open em up, yeah yeah baby I know how to open yo shit up ..Slow ..Slow then like you be Nothin’.  Only here at Flex Gym Rollin’ Honeys where the Females be Rollin’ knowin’ they Showin’ and they just keep on Stretchin’ and Pushin’ and Rollin’ and Rollin’.  Wa Wa Wa Want in?     
  37. The Hide Aways.  Where Love and Love HIDE AWAY in The Hide Aways.    
  39. LAS VEGAS inspired Galactic POOL PARTIES.  DAY – NIGHT and something ELSE I CREATED which I WON’T WRITE.  
  40. POOCHIE-LYMONS are tits.  POOCHIE-LYMONS are LICIOUS NIPPLED BREASTS that make even the most advanced Playboy and or Playboy’s dizzy upon impact. 
  41. Fine Dining options.  Just to name a Few.  SWRC’s That Prime Cut Steakhouse, Cream Puff Heaven, Pin Up Pizza Pizza & Pies, The Bazaar by Bernie Kosar, Midgets and Sangria By Evil Digits, and SUSHI EXPENSIVE.   
  42. The Galaxy Beyond the FIRMAMENT.  No AIR.  Where ONLY the HIGHEST SUPREME LEVELS of ORIGINAL reside.  NO NOT YOU. 
  43. HULK SMASH…Big Green…how you know how I like you…you know I do.  But you’re not mine.  So I got somebody for yea HULK if yea ever come on by.  Her name is, “THE MUSCLE FROM THE TOP” and she’s GONNA FUCK YOUR SHIT UP.  “THE MUSCLE FROM THE TOP” and “Meagan Ginger Ann aka MGA” are the only who can have SEX with HULK SMASH and or the Incredible Hulk or whatever the fuck you wanna call him.  “THE MUSCLE FROM THE TOP” and “Meagan Ginger Ann aka MGA” are the only who can have SEX – SEDUCE – Fall In Love – and or KILL HULK SMASH and or the Incredible Hulk or whatever the fuck you wanna call him.  And O I know SUPERMAN is gonna ..LOVE.. MGA cause she knows how to Fly High and some other Bitchin’ Trickin’ Shit, such as if you look into MGA’s eyes she can take You/Anyone to any place ANYWHERE – Fictional and or Non Fictional.  And o yeah she can do that to and…  Further Description and or Descriptions for the character named “THE MUSCLE FROM THE TOP” and “Meagan Ginger Ann aka MGA” are concealed at this time.  Thank you so much. 
  44. DIAMOND DAISY and SATIN LACEY.  The character description of and or for the character named Diamond Daisy and treatment and or synopsis regarding the character named Diamond Daisy are concealed at this time.  The character description for and or of the character named SATIN LACEY and treatment and or synopsis regarding the character named SATIN LACEY are concealed at this time.  Thank you.   
  45. First name SILHOUETTE, Last name WILL REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL.  Description of said character is concealed at this time.  Thank you.     
  46. SEX EDUCATION 8 Thousand 81, RAINBOW 10 Thousand 9 9 9 1, and HOW TO PROCESS INFORMATION PROPERLY.  ALL THREE subjects ARE The Subjects before learning anything professionally further.  This is undisputed.     
  47. Now in the Galactic Treaty which I verbally agree’d upon.  I am not allowed to unleash “FLIP SWITCH TRISH”.  But I see her walking, fucking, swimming, dancing, and joking around…all the time.  She makes the best damn Wedding Soup, Cream Puffs, Antipasto salad and all sorts of delightful EATS and DRINKS.  Yeah…“FLIP SWITCH TRISH” I see her all the time.     
  48. BILLY BOWLS…. That’s right, BILLY BOWLS… BILLY BOWLS… BILLY BOWLS… with PLANETS.  BILLY is my FRIEND.  And HE BOWLS…and HE BOWLS…and HE BOWLS with PLANETS always Scoring a PERFECT STRIKE – Rumbling Grounds – Displacing Waters – Discombobulating Gravity.  And Sometimes, Sometimes Those Big Smart PLANETS don’t COME BACK.   
  49. GALACTIC and The Fast and the Furious.  I like your style on this.  And GALACTIC never loses.  And yeah GALACTIC wears Big Thick Sharp prescription Designer CELEBRITY KILLER SUNGLASSES.  Where’s, my, HOOD?  With his long bronzed wild curly hair protruding from both sides of his SLICK SHARP MOTHER FUCKIN FACE.  Now some say he drives just as good without his prescription Designer Sunglasses but this has never been proven.  HE some how wears a TRIPPY HALLUCINOGENIC METALLiC  BLUE BLUE NIKE HEAD BAND OVER HIS MOUTH with the NIKE LOGO DIRECTLY OVER HIS SHARP only for the WORTHY LIPS.  And sometimes, sometimes the NIKE LOGO flashes many colors.  And he never turns his head when driving only moves his eyes.  Hm…yeah so, GALACTIC vs. The Fast And The Furious.  Your gonna need Mr. Paul Walker on this mission, the real one.  END SCENE:  TORETTO “Hey CARAVAGGIO, your alright man.  I know what yea did.”  GALACTIC turns and looks over his right shoulder back at TORETTO.  TORETTO “Before I go back.  I wanna race against you.”   BeCause Sometimes, When The World Is Lucky, Guys Like YOU, get to make real Movies.  Sometimes, when the world is Lucky.”  GALACTIC turns all the way and walks slow and firm back up to TORETTO.  They stand face to face.  TORETTO “Straight up, just you and me.”  GALACTIC pauses, slyly grins, then says as only he can.  “You Are WORTHY, my Fast Drivin’, Crazy Mother Fuckin Friend.”  Imagine this in more of an AVENGERS style movie setting but with The Fast And The Furious.  I’m Very EXPENSIVE.  YeHA YeHa You Come SEE ME, I’ll help you with the structure.  Sa Sa..SEAMLESS.   
  50. OFFENSE.  No further description necessary nor will I give it here. 
  51. SEX.  FEMALE vs. MALE.  Where RE-MATCHES are RARE.  Where you better be able to fuck that bitch DOWN with an AUDIENCE.  Otherwise you be OWNED.  Otherwise you be OVER.  Otherwise you be a WANTING VICTIM.  Cause here, the true PLEASURES and PAIN’s aren’t only Physical, they are Highly MENTAL, HIGHLY PSYCHOLOGICAL, and yes ThEy WILL STAY.  
  52. Musical Geniuses.  You GIVE, you project so MUCH Encouraging Aspiring Energy.  You bring our minds and hearts UP when LOW, You Keep our Minds and Hearts on POINT for ALL on the GO.  You’re with us Everywhere.  YOU ARE WORTHY.  Thank you.  
  53. LAS VEGAS RACE TRACK.  Where you can See CARAVAGGIO Race against the HILLBILLIES.  You know what, there just might be enough time yet before I GO.  Hey NEW CASTLE, you MEMBER ME?  I KNOW YOU TELL EM WHO cause I ALWAYS BEEN THE ONE.  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM 
  54. The ONES who BEYOND DESERVE IT, The ONES so BAD you DO FOR FUN and O O it FEELS FEELS SO SO GOOD….GOOD….  YEAH…………………………  Here you can do IT, and as many TIMES AS YOU WANT.  Audience Private small group large group interpersonal flyin around drinkin HUNDREDs HUNDREDs HUN HUN HUNDREDs, yeah, yeah, how every you want. 
  55. I Like REAL LEPRECHAUNS and REAL WYNN …LEPRE…CHAUNS like me.  Thank you.  For everything.  I mean that.  They never would have let me DO in HOLLYWOOD.  Cause that’s what it’s called right?  HOLLYWOOD.  That’s what they told me when I was a kid.  They said it was called HOLLYWOOD.  ….L……..LAS VEGAS!!  THANK YOU.   My FRIENDS.  Always my FRIENDS. 
  56. DON CORLEONE.  All…..The DON CORLEONE’s.  Da Da Da JOHN, Da Da Da DON, Da Da Da JOHN.  JOHN CORLEONE.  All….THE REAL….UNCLE JOHN CORLEONE’s….  MY UNCLE JOHN MOTHER FUCKIN CORLEONE.  Now it ain’t 1929.  No No it AIN’T but it STILL AIN’T AIN’T TO TO LATE LATE.  So Show Me, Show Me Who’s Who’s WHO WHO WHO’s WHO’s NUMBA NUMBA  ……..NUMBER……ONE!!  Come on Ronnie, Come on Come On Come On, Ra Ra …..R…..REYNO  Ra Ra Ra …..R…..RENATO Sa Sa, Sa Sa, Sa Sa, YEHA YEHA Sa Sa, Sa Sa, Sa Sa, Sa Sa …..C…..CELEBRITY CELEBRITY CELEBRITY KILLER KILLER KILLER 12/2074 74 70 70 4 4 4 Car Car Car CARAVAGGIO CARAVAGGIO CARAVAGGIO.  GUINEA GENUIS 12/20/74 YEHA YEHA That’s Me.  Cause this is HIS TURF, not MINE.    
  57. To My FRIENDS from “THIS” world.  And you know who you are.  If you want in.  Your in. 
  58. LEGENDS 23, LEGENDS 24, LEGENDS who are LEGENDS with a NUMBER, and the LEGENDS who who you NEVER NEVER SAW.  You always more than welcome here.   
  59. REAL ATHLETES.  No club level players.  Guess I had to see for myself.  And O O I SAW.  THEY DESTROYED MY RIGHT LEG. 
  60. THE HARD WORKERS who got ripped/cheated/never got a fair fair shake shake.  THE HARD WORKERS who had they’re REALITY TAKEN AWAY – STOLEN FROM THEY’RE SOULS.  I represent YOU TO and I see it in your eyes.  So you will always be WELCOME HERE.  And if you ain’t one of em, don’t be THINKIN, you gonna gonna be be Sneak Sneak Sna Sna …..Sneakin…..on in.  YEHA YEAH HAEY AheY. 
  61. Where’s GENE WILDER the RED FOX and Biggie Smalls?  Yeah Yeah I’m a Big FAN.  Come on in.  I HAVE FLYING CARS FLYING CARS FLYING CARS.  
  62. Hey Xerxes and the 300, Hey STEVE JOBS, Hey Sha Sha Sha SHAUNA and the EURO’s?  Come….ON…..IN…  I HAVE FLYING CARS. 
  63. Hey Rasputin.  Yeah Yeah, I Know The RUSSIAN’s and the RUSSIAN’s Know Me.  So come on Come on in my RUSSIAN FRIENDS, FOR I HAVE MISSLE DODGIN’, Za Za z24 La La La Lamborghini BUGATTI CHIRON Swer..Swer.. Servin’, Jet Boat Flyin’ with the orgies all sprung in the back, WOOO……………… And MANY MANY MORE. 
  64. …..BRAZ…ILIA…. i’m …whisperin…  i’m’ …whisperin’…  haey haey aey aey  i’m …whisperin…  …cristo… …cristo… …cristo… remember remember now now, i’m …whisperin…whisperin…whisperin… i’m gonna show em… i’m gonna show show show em…em…em… how this atrocity …was…was…was… i’m …whisperin…  cause i don’t need… nor… nor… will I be askin.  Cause he ain’t SCARFACE, and he ain’t KEYSER SOZE, HE is …………MAN……Y………..MANY MANY MORE MORE ALWAYS ALWAYS MORE MORE……………………………………………………Cause he don’t fuck with STATES COUNTRIES or LAKES, HE FUCKS WITH PLANETS, HE FUCKS WITH PRETEND DEADLY INSIDIOUS GLOBES, HE FUCKS WITH,  Tha Tha Tha, Tha Tha Tha,  !!THANGS!!  !!THANGS!!  !!THANGS!!  well well, YES SEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Come on Ronnie, Hey Hey Ra Ra REYNO, RenatO  RenatO sa sa CELEBRITY KILLER ma ma ma …………MAN…….Y…………… 
  65. SOMETIMES, You can ONLY go as far as SHE SHE SHE gonna gonna LET LET LET yea.  And I ain’t talkin what ya THINK THINK THINK I’m talkin.  And I’m GONNA CHANGE IT.  I gonna change it For YOU.  My FRIENDS. 
  66. TYPE O and the whole ALPHABET.  Ta Ta TYPE O O O and and the the the AL AL ALPH PH PH PH PH PH PH BET BET BET BET BET.  12/20/74  12 12 12/2020/70703333333.  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM 
  67. C R E first middle end.  
  69. Hey Celebrity Killer, before you go.  Who are you’re favorite Hollywood actors to this point.  Number one is Denzel Washington.  Liev Schreiber, DiCaprio, Eddie Murphy and James Joseph Gandolfini Jr. come in at 2.  Russell Crowe 3.  Mark Wahlberg, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson Ryan Reynolds, Gene Wilder, Jamie Foxx, Jeff Bridges, Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood, TUKO, Will Smith Martin Lawrence, Matt Damon Ben Affleck, Michael Douglas, Alec Baldwin, Vince Vaughn, Ed O’Neil, John Witherspoon, Tom Lister Jr., Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, LARRY JOHNSON, MICHAEL JORDAN, Nick Nolte, DeNiro Pesci Sorvino, James Caan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bernie Mac, Brad Pitt, Paul Newman, Chris Tucker, Dustin Hoffman, Tommy Cruise, Katt Williams, Val Kilmer, Heath Ledger, Zack Galifianakis,  Sandler Farley Woody Woody Woody Woody Woody…. Harrelson Harrelson Ha Ha HARRELSON my FRIEND my FRIENDS, ICE CUBE, Bill Murray, Kevin Spacey, Gerard Butler Josh Brolin,  THE ROCK, Mr. Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Ray Ray Liotta, and the name is BOND, Jamie Bond.  Okay, what about Hollywood actresses?  Kelly LeBrock from 1984 and that’s it.   
  70. Never, Ever, Say, “TAKE     .”  And I ain’t gonna say the second word after this cause cause, NEVER, EVER, SAY SAY SAY, this to ME HIM, or ANYONE ANYBODY or or ANYONE ANYBODY. 
  71. Don’t ever let EM scare you from CREATING.  THIS IS REAL.  And they ARE THE BEST.  But I’m gonna show em.  IN PART 2.  THERE or THEIR, THEIR or THERE, THERE or THEIR,  pick ONE, pick ONE, pick pick pick Pick ONE.  Just ONE.  Totally and utterly insanely ridiculous to have to bother with this.  I KNOW MORE.  Just ONE.   CELEBRITYKILLER.COM 
  72. She saved ME, She saved ME, She saved ME, She saved ME, She saved ME, SHE, SAVED, ME.  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM 
  73. Yeah didn’t work out to good.  Yeah, didn’t didn’t didn’t work out to good.  All TOGETHER NOW, as only HE HE HE CAN CAN, “..Yeah…. didn’t work out to Good.”  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM 
  74. BLACK BALL?  Ha Ha Ha Ha, O…no…O…no…  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM  REBELS vs. DEVILS.  That game.  Somethin was wrong, very very wrong wrong.  In that game.  Foul after foul after foul after foul.  I never seen so many fouls.  They didn’t let the GREATEST COLLEGIATE BASKETBALL TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED, STILL TO THIS DAY,  PLAY.  Look at the TAPE.  You couldn’t even take a shower after the game.  That was my TEAM.  I take that picture, any day any night any day any night any any day day any any night night night of the of the,   ALL TIME.  12/20/7473 That’s Me, What Color Is The NEW BALL gonna be?  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM 
  75. TOMORROW.  There is no TOMORROW.  Yes, There, Is.  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM  
  76. THE NUTRITIONIST.  When you make my EGGS, you make em FucKin FLUFFY, not No ShOe’s Bitch.  And only HIGH GRADE Cooked Well No Food Poisoning BACON.  Cause I Was a FERRARI not a Cor Cor Cor Va Va Va Va Cor Cor Cor CorVette CorVette Cor Cor not a CorVette.  The GREAT MAMBA 8 24 23 was RIGHT 100 HUNDRED bout THAT one.  My FRIEND.  I know you gotta wait.  But THERE’s plenty of other other places places till then.  MY FRIEND.  MY FRIEND IS ALWAYS WELCOME HERE.  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM   
  77. INFINITY and another NAME I will remain and HAVE confined within The Galaxy Beyond The FIRMAMENT for ALL TIME and PAST FUTURE and another word I will remain confined with in with in with with with in, The Galaxy Beyond The FIRMAMENT.  MANY.  MANY.  MANY.  !!!MANY WHO RULES!!!  Cause The Fast Man Isn’t FAST, Cause He’s Already GONE GONE GONE.   CELEBRITYKILLER.COM   
  78. 4/20/20 4/20/20 4 4 4/20/20 4/20/20 4 4 4/20/20 4 4 4/20/20 4 4 4 4 My FRIENDS My My BROTHERS My My YES SIR, YES YES YES SIR CAPTAIN.  4/20/20 4/20/20 44 4/20/20 4/20/20 4 4 4 44 4 4 4/20/20 20 20 20 20 20 My FRIENDS My BROTHERS My YES SIR, My My My YES SIR CAPTAIN my FRIENDS my my my my BROTHERS.  4/20/20  YOU COME SEE ME.  FOR my NAME, THE GREAT SAY SAY SAY is is is  …MAN……….Y……… And I AM, The Best There Ever IS, WAS, GONNA BE INFINITY and a NAME I have Confined with in MY GALAXY, My My MY Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga  …..GAL…..AX…….Y……….BEYOND THE THE THE THE FIRMAMENT THE FIRMAMENT THE THE THE FIR FIR FIR, FIR FIR FIR FIR FIR, FIR FIR FIR FIR FIR, FIRMAMENT.  RUNNER OF THE GALAXY, THE GALAXY BEYOND THE FIRMAMENT.  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM  4/20/20 4/20/20  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM  4/20/20 4 4 4/20/20  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM  Hey, ya kna 4 plus 4 equals 8 and my NAME is gonna go straight up YOUR YEH HEAy YEAH, ya kna, ya ya ya Kna, HEY YEH HEA YEA YEA, ya ya ya ya ya kna kna kna 4 plus plus 4 4 4 EQUALS EQUALS 20 20 40 30  HAPPY SEXY ALL DAY ALL NIGHT 4 4 20 20 40 30 30 2 3 6 7 80 80 80 1 1 1 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 8 8 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81 81  HE SCORED 81 POINTS.  LEGEND LEGEND 81 LEGEND. 81 81 LEGENDS LEGENDS La La La LEGENDS LEGENDS LEGENDS La La La La, La La La La, La La La La, LEGENDS 81, Happy HaPPy SeXy SeXy 4/20/20 4/20/20 4 4 4/20/20……>…………..> CELEBRITYKILLER.COM  FOR MY STUDIES ARE DONE.  SHOW TIME.  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM  4/20/20  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM  4/20/20  CELEBRITYKILLER.COM   
  79. SUCCUBUS MYTHOLOGY – PAINFULDISE – Any and everywhere a female anything lives and dies.  Land Of The Succubus and her never ending line of Wanting Victims.  Some Beg To Enter, Some Beg To Stay, Some Pray They Never, Some Are Unleashed Forever.  A place where THE TALENT  !!ALWAYS!!  !!ALWAYS!!  COMES FIRST.  REYNO RENATO CK MANY.  NOTE:  PREMEDITATED MALICIOUS BLATANT REPETITIVE ENDLESS SOCIAL UNDERMINING IS CRIMINAL – SOCIAL CRIMINALS.  Anyone who KILLS and or TRIES to KILL TALENT for LESSOR and or NO TALENT is SAD, PATHETIC, JEALOUS, UNTALENTED, UNWORTHY, INSECURE, NOT HAPPY WITH THEM SELVES, SHITS CRUDE SHIT WANTINGLY WHOLE HEARTEDLY FROM THEY’re MOUTHS, and a word I have not yet created to better describe PRECISELY.  Now I don’t know WHO put this in our heads.  I really don’t, but I can CALCULATE either way.  And I’ve been trying and will ultimately remove this from my head before i leave, even though I’m already GONE.  Cause this is HIS TURF, not MINE.  So to ALL out there, try try try and Please Please Please try try try to never say “I THINK” before beginning any given sentence.  Because when you start, any given sentence, with, “I THINK” or “I HEARD” that MEANS you have no IDEA what you are SAYING and or are straight out LYING, and maybe even MALICIOUSLY INSIDIOUSLY LYING.  99 to 2020 is gonna be very…HARD TO EXPLAIN.  But I know you’ll do a SENSATIONAL JOB, as you always DO/have, cause your the undisputed champs at what you do.  And please, don’t say WAS, when you ABSOLUTELY DIDN’T.  PART 2.  NOTE:  Now Again.  If anything should happen to RENATO CARAVAGGIO before his work is DONE/COMPLETED.  None of RENATO CARAVAGGIO’s intellectual properties are to ever be made.  Thank you so much, for everything.       

Renato enters the Ancient Layer.  His eyes stealthily survey as he moves forward.  Ancient Goddesses stand expressionless.  THE GREAT ONE waits before them.  Renato approaches THE GREAT ONE.  Renato kneels and bows his head for THE GREAT ONE and THE GREAT ONE only.  Renato begins to TRANSMIT his PRECISE, FACTUAL PAINFUL LIFE FINDINGS.  NOTE:  The transmission of Renato’s findings are confidential at this time.  Only to be viewed in PART 2 and in the THEATERS.  Once Renato is completed with his transmission.  He pauses.  Tightens his right hand into a fist.  Then says with extreme desire to THE GREAT ONE.  “Now.  Where, Is, GOLD, BULLION?  THE GREAT ONE FREEZES with PAIN and NEW KNOWLEDGE.  He takes notice of RENATO’s MIGHTY FIST that is meant for him.  THE GREAT ONE then turns to his ANCIENT GODDESSES.  HE Viciously Grimaces, Blowing out a long hot breath threw his teeth, burning the ANCIENT GODDESSES as they roll they’re chins away.  THE GREAT ONE stares down onto RENATO, then speaks as only he can.  “Renato Caravaggio, aka THE CELEBRITY KILLER, Reyno Credev Evdi, aka THE CREATOR.  !!CREATIVE GENIUS – SEXUAL MASTER!!  Runner of The Galaxy Beyond The FIRMAMENT.  You will be written, into GREEK, and SUCCUBUS MYTHOLOGY.  YOU extend my hand into worlds that do not exist, beginning with PAINFULDISE.  From this MEMORY forth, you’re name, will forever be, “…MAN…Y….”  Now known as MANY.  MANY raises his head and looks up at THE GREAT ONE.  They linger upon one another.  THE GREAT ONE then say’s, “GOLD, BULLION, is waiting for you.  THE GREAT ONE extends his arms and hands with tremendous trembling tension, as he announces as only he can “…MAN…Y…..MANY MORE…”  THE GREAT ONE fiercely strikes his powerful hands VANISHING ALL into a GREAT BLINDING THUNDEROUS FLASH, with THE GREAT ONE’s voice fading fast.  “That’….BOY………….FLYING CARS FLYING CARS FLYING CARS”.  NOTE:  If anything should happen to ME,  !!RENATO CARAVAGGIO!!  before my MY WORK is DONE/COMPLETED.  NONE of my Intellectual Materials are to ever be made. 

Beverly Hills DDS – Television Show

Everyone please welcome Dr. “All Around” Thomas McCarthy.  “All Around” is a cosmetic and reconstructive dental genius with an exclusive practice in Beverly Hills California.  “All Around” enjoys body building and taking in Vogue caliber photographs of his clients.  He produces flamboyant commercials for his Instagram page rivaling that of any Warner Brothers production.  He’s married with kids, gets divorced, then remarries a high end fashion model.  The majority of his customers pay cash as he consistently comes across some very interesting characters.  But as his expenses and lavish life style catch up with him.  “All Around” begins making questionable business deals with some of his clients, leading him into a world of crime and adventure.  Now for most DDS’, being found in such a dubious position would prove to be crushing.  But not for “All Around”.  O no, not for him.  For in fact, the adrenaline rush of his newly found double life, soon becomes his own personal unstoppable obsession.  NOTE:  This television concept was and is inspired by a real life DDS who is a masterfully talent man with a well deserved and blessed life.  Therefore I Renato Caravaggio would want to bring him on as an EQUAL PARTNER.  This concept is a mix of reality and fiction.  NOTE:  If anything happens to happen to RENATO CARAVAGGIO before his work is DONE/COMPLETED,  Renato Caravaggio’s DDS’ will retain FULL and or COMPLETE OWNER SHIP and or COPY RIGHT and or ALL RIGHTS to and or for the Television Show Concept created by RENATO CARAVAGGIO Titled “BEVERLY HILLS DDS.” and the SONG Titled “LICK EM” written by RENATO CARAVAGGIO and RENATO CARAVAGGIO ONLY.  CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE/TV CONCEPTS and song lyrics are FOR SALE only here, at   

CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE/TV CONCEPTS FOR SALE at  Movie title:  HOWS THE CULT?  In a small COW TOWN they call TOLUCA LAKE.  Usually in any given CULT and or CULT like organization there’s a LEADER, always always a LEADER.  But not here.  Not in TOLUCA LAKE.  No NO NO.  For this CULT doesn’t have a LEADER.  O….they have characters.  But NO LEADERS.  That’s what makes em so oddly oddly oddly oddly effective.  They are more like an endless path of revolving mirrored doors.  And they never STOP, they never SHUT the fuck up and they know and want to do what they do.  Until they chase chase chase you you you, away way way, with they’re fake, they’re BIG FAKE SMILE KARL’s on they’re faces.  And while most most most, RUN RUN RUN REAL QUICK QUICK QUICK from there No Where No Talent COW COW, COW COW, COW TOWN.  As they trickle trickle into the STUDIO STUDIO STUDIO, but THIS GUY AIN’T LIKE THE REST REST REST?  O no No No he ain’t.  But wait wait wait, give us us us, Some Some Some Of Those Character Character Character, Names Names Names, So We Can Try To IMAGINE THIS CRAZY TOXIC SHIT.  Okay O yakO O yakO O O yaKo yakO yakO, no no no particular order order order Ova here, cause they ain’t LEADERS, no no NO, they ain’t got LEADERS, they more more, exactly exactly exactly what they they are era Ova.  So so HERE……We……………GO…… “JO JO THE DUMP TRUCK ORIGIN MUTT FUCK” – You know you can have sex once or even a bunch of times and still be a Va Va Va  ……….V………>………VIRGIN……?  And I ain’t just talkin about sex, EVERYTHING.  “THE TWO HYPOCRITES BELOW ZERO NO TALENT OFFENSIVE LYING BASTARDS”  STRAIGHT RIGHT LEFT UP DOWN IN EVERYONE’s EARS ……KNOWING LIARS……  YeHa YeHa “THE TWO HYPOCRITES BELOW ZERO NO TALENT OFFENSIVE LYING BASTARDS” and everyone who knows knows but they already did did did didn’t they didn’t they did did did didn’t they yes sey sey they DID.  Now an even better character name to describe them would be DELUSIONAL…..cause they “THINK” they really really “BELIEVE” they can DO and or GET AWAY with ANYTHING.  So if they have any talent in any way at all it would be below ZERO….as they always fall back on CUE CUE CUE waving there cowardly hands wildly and be saying “O O O well I thought, O O O well well I heard I heard I heard, O O O well well well I must off misunderstood stood stood or or or I was was was just trying to be SAFE SAFE SAFE and WARN WARN WARn you just just in in case case case.”  Cause you can’t believe a single letter of any word that comes from they’re BELOW ZERO MOUTHS.  So you DELUSIONALS need to figure out a NEW FALL FALL FALL BACK ON BACK ON BACK ON ON ON ON TO YO LAME ASS GAMES.  Because what you do and how you do do do is is OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa OVa.   YEHA……………………………………………………………………….Now this is surely Off ffO Off TOPIC CIPOT TOPIC cause I’m SOMETIMES easily distract tcartsid distracted.  But LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY, O O O …LUCKY…LUCIANO, HE, LUCKY LUCIANO Got Duped, YEHA YEAH HAEY HE DID.  Then then, then then, then then, there WAS a guy named, BUGSY, AND GOT SMOKED.  NOW there’s been, MANY MANY MANY, in between, but you AIN’T SEEN NOBODY LIKE ME.  99 to 2020.  99 to 2020, 99 99 99.  Cause CARAVAGGIO is my NAME, and soon, I WILL BE another MANY.  And just like THAT, I’m back on On TOPIC/TRACK.  And last last last on this fictional lanoitcif FICTIONAL dumb ass Character and sa sa sa so so sadly sadly O Yeha least least, comes Pa Pa Pa, Pa Pa Pa, “PUKIS, PUKIS THE LOW BALLER”.  Just imagine SHIT that smells like ROTTEN 400 year old cheese, that looks like, that talks like.  Sorry Sorry, No further further description description, “Is this how you spell noitpircsed?” necessary necessary “Is this how you spell yrassecen?”  So TRUST ME.  This is an AMAZING SHIT MOVIE CONCEPT that if made will most definitely HELP HELP HELP people.  HELP HELP HELP people.  But people like them only desire and live TO DESTROY other people who are easily more TALENTED then them.  They are Notorious for DESTROYING TALENT for LESSOR and or NO TALENT – NONE.  CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE/TV CONCEPTS FOR SALE at   And one of em’s called HOW’s THE CULT BITCH?  YeHa…..I Might Be Goin’ with that Ta Ta Ta Title Title Title on this this this.  YeHA…..HAEY…..  HOWS THE THE CULT CULT CULT BITCH?  So if you get caught in this fictional lanoitcif FICTIONAL No Where COW BERMUDA TRIANGLE.  Just say say say, with a BIG FAKE, a BIG FAKE KARL on yo FACE.  Just say say say, “HOWS THE THE THE, HOWS HOWS, HOWS HOWS HOWS THE THE HOWS THE CULT CULT CULT BITCH”, cause they ain’t got LEADERS, they got MUTTS, cause they ain’t got got LEADERS LEADERS LEADERS, THEY GOT GOT Ma Ma Ma MUTTS, MUTTS…MUTTS…MUTTS…MUTTS….MUTTS…MUTTS…MUTTS…MUTTS…MUTTS…MUTTS…MUTTS…   And I ain’t talkin’ talkin’ YEHA YEHA YEAH….HAEY………………………………………………………………………………………………………….CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE CONCEPTS FOR SALE at   So again, all yens out there, CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE/TV CONCEPTS ARE FOR SALE.  And this ONE.  HOWS THE CULT BITCH?  O O O This ONE, I’m gonna sale SUPER CHEAP.  Cause CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE/TV CONCEPTS ARE FOR SALE at      ONE vs MANY.  And ONE’s gonna WIN.  JUST like I said, a…LONG…….LONG……LONG……TIME AGO.  And YOU DELUSIONALS aren’t gonna be SOCIALLY STALKIN ME ANY MORE, and you you you DELUSIONALS DELUSIONALS DELUSIONALS ain’t gonna be SOCIALLY UNDERMINING ME ANY ANY MORE MORE MORE.  CAUSE SOCIAL CRIMINALS ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE and always always have been.  YEHA YEAH HAEY LOCK EM IN TITO,  YEHA YEAH HEAY LOCK LOCK LOCK EM UP LOCK LOCK LOCK EM IN IN and THROW THE KEYs KEY’s KEY’s TO THE TO THE TREES TREES TREES as THEY always always always WILDY RUN AWAY WITH THERE CLAMY HANDS IN THE AIR exactly exactly Cha Cha Chihuahua Cha Cha Cha Chihuahua Cha Cha Cha Chihuahua Cha Cha Cha Chihuahua.  YEAH LOCK THOSE COWARDS IN TITO HEAD FIRST.  Cause I ain’t Taken any more SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS CLICK CLICK POP POP.  …..R…..RUN!!  …..BUNNY……………..BABY…………….R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!  CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE/TV CONCEPTS FOR SALE at  Cause I I I spell spell spell YeHA YeHA YEHA exactly lSIHT SIHT SIHT cause cause I I I spell spell spell FCUK FCUK FCUK OUY OUY OUY exactly exactly SIHT SIHT SIHT cause cause I’m a GUINEA GENIUS, HAEY HAEY cause cause I’m I’m I’m a GUINEA GENUIS and I spell TIHS TIHS TIHS exactly exactly SIHT SIHT SIHT.  CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE/TV CONCEPTS ARE FOR SALE at  The CELEBRITY KILLER has just demonstrated a VERBAL ART PIECE, The CELEBRITY KILLER has just demonstrated a RHETORICAL ART PIECE within within TRIPPY TRIPPY TRIP TRIP and all the rest …R….REYNO, Hey Hey R….REYNO, The CELEBRITY KILLER has just demonstrated a COLLAGE OF WORDS and A STRUCTURE WITHIN THOSE WORDS which exhibits POWER, CREATIVE CELEBRITY KILLER POWERS in order to attempt to SALE any and or all of his CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE/TV CONCEPTS that are for sale and this one in particular is SUPER CHEAP.  CELEBRITY KILLER, THE CELEBRITY KILLER or whatever you wanna call him IS BETTER THAN YOU.  CAUSE THE FAST MAN ISN’T FAST, CAUSE HE’S ALREADY GONE.  CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE/TV CONCEPTS ARE FOR SALE at  This is Tremendous work.  Good job.  YEHA I talk to myself and so do/does most every body else.  And I got, and I created, and I got, and I created, My Name Is CELEBRITY KILLER KILLER KILLER KILLER, and and I I got got got and I I cra cra cra created created created an enormous amount of ORIGINAL SHIT and it’s all FOR SALE ONLY HERE at   Now I know they ain’t all BAD.  And I know who they are.  The GOOD ONES, the GOOD ONES, the the THE GOOD ONES, amidst this fictional lanointcif FICTIONAL ATROCITY OF A FICTIONAL BELOW THE LINE STORY, cause this one’s called HOWS THE CULT BITCH?  And I got CELEBRITY KILLER MOVIE/TV CONCEPTS/SCREENPLAYS/MUSIC LYRICS//////////////////////////YEAH I GOTTa LOTTa LOTTa LOT LOT LOTTa SHIT, only HERE, only only HERE HERE HERE, only FOR SALE HERE, at   Thank you. 

Celebrity Killer Original Creation – Painfuldise – Succubus The Game Of Take

Celebrity Killer Fictional Stories

A Celebrity Killer original creation. Painfuldise – Mystical Land of the Succubus, Supreme Goddess Augustames, The Hair Queen, Ostrich Fairy, Silky Ice Killer, Dezarae The Demon, Bang Bang Boogie, Headless Whores, Ms. Eccentric Likes To Wear Boot Gloves, The Venezuelan Princess, Off Day Yellow, Evil Asian Homo That Can Never Be, Secret Creatures Unknown, and the never ending line of Wanting Victims. So say’s The Creator. Original Succubus World, Succubus Characters, Succubus Story and or stories created by Celebrity Killer and Celebrity Killer only. Renato Caravaggio.

Celebrity Killer Original Art, Stories, Characters and Films

Celebrity Killer Art

This young Succ grades your level of perception as she decides whether to stay or go.

Celebrity Killer Photography

Pretty Red Bows For A Pretty Sweet Lady. Image captured by Renato Caravaggio Celebrity Killer. Image features Michelle Maylene.

Celebrity Killer Art

This young Succ shows off her grandiose Chameleon skills by transforming all as one for the world to see.

Celebrity Killer Art

Emerging Succubus Form created by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer Art

This young Succ begins to dissolve her human form while transforming herself into the wall of destiny.

Dillion Harper

She’s A Fun Art Piece that knows how to please. Original art created by Celebrity Killer featuring the yummy beautiful Dillion Harper.

Celebrity Killer Art

This young Succ say’s playtime’s on as she reveals her eccentricity. Original art created by Celebrity Killer.

Dillion Harper

This young Succubus graces you with her pretty smile and luscious curves amidst a cruel – malicious – small – deceptive – world. Original Art created by Celebrity Killer featuring model Dillion Harper.

Celebrity Killer Photography

They are so fast and elusive. Like trying to find a Leprechaun at the end of a beautiful rainbow. But some how the Celebrity Killer was lucky enough to capture this young Venezuelan Succubus in all her beauty.

August Ames

Augustames (Painfuldise) – Goddess of Seduction, Universal Wisdom and The Game Of Take. Most powerful of all Succubus great and small otherwise known as the Succubus Of The Light. Has the ability to manipulate the pigmentation of her skin, color of her surroundings and transform infinitely into any and all Succubus under her to Seduce – Threaten – Hypnotize.

Succubus Story

The GAME OF TAKE – I The Creator needs to not only correct myself but all historical dictionaries regarding the definition for the word SUCCUBUS. SUCCUBUS is a unisex word that represents both Female and Male equally. For I have learned that a MALE can be just as Evil Minded – Malicious with Cruel Premeditated Pathetic Intent to try and destroy another persons life, steel their property and or identity, or to simply entertain themselves at the expense of another. EVIL BEYOND COMPREHENSION ..IS.. The definition of SUCCUBUS. Unfortunately for the SUCCUBUS, Church is always in session. For the Camera’s Eye Of GOD is always on, and the Camera’s Eye Of GOD never turns off. Therefor, church is in session when you are watching movies, at work or school, when you are playing ice hockey, during your bachelorette and or bachelor party, when you are getting married, when you are eating frosted flakes, and before the day you are born to infinity. So what makes a FEMALE – MALE – SUCCUBUS think that the Camera’s Eye Of GOD can not see when the SUCCUBUS and or SUCCUBUS’S are engaging in Disgraceful – Heinous – Beyond Evil Acts? I the Creator do not currently have the answer to this question, for I do not and may never fully understand the deepest and darkest layers of evil. But if one or all truly believes in PEACE – LOVE – AND GOODNESS TO ALL – than one or all will never have to worry about becoming a SUCCUBUS before the CAMERA’S EYE OF GOD. So say’s The Creator.

Veronica Rodriquez

Playful Sophistication created by Celebrity Killer featuring Veronica Rodriquez.


Finish Him, Succubus captured after or before bleeding out her last or future wanting victim and or victims.

Celebrity Killer Art

This young Succ loves…Red Velvet Cupcakes with White Frosting. How about you? Original Art created by Celebrity Killer featuring Michelle Maylene.

Succubus Lonely In Dark

This young Succ finds herself lonely in the dark after thinking she won when she really lost.

Cinematic Photography

Enter Sexy Chair captured by Renato Caravaggio.

The Celebrity Killer thinks he’s DONALD TRUMP

President Donald Trump

The Celebrity Killer thinks he’s Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States Of America.


The Celebrity Killer thinks he’s an artist and he IS. Original Succubus The Game Of Take Acrylic Art Pieces For Sale. Sizes 30×45. Price $2800.


The Celebrity Killer paints his face blue for absolutely no reason and does the SHE WOLF on someone who he pretends to be Shakira.


The Celebrity Killer is a Supreme Galaxy Class Writer, Director, Producer, Camera Man, Editor. His original creative screenplay titled Bunny Baby Run is one of his newest creations. Below is the treatment for his screenplay.
“BUNNY BABY RUN” A group of high school seniors anxiously plan for one last memorable experience before heading off to college. Ironically, they hear about a hot new drug dealer in town by the name of Reyno Credev Evdi. After a brief debate over wether or not they should do drugs. Billy and his slutty girlfriend Sara set up a meeting with Reyno. Renyo presents them with a variety of fancy pills imported from Switzerland and France. But quickly pushes a shiny pink drug on them called Bunny Baby Run. He say’s just one dose of Bunny Baby Run will last them for two whole days. He say’s it’s so rare, Charlie Sheen can’t even get it. Soon after purchasing the “BBR”, Billy and Sara relay the exciting news to their friends. They then all decide to spend the weekend at a vacation house in the woods. Upon arrival, they stock the place with water, soda’s, candy, fresh fruits and have the number of a local pizza shop on speed dial. They then eagerly gather as everyone pops the magical pill together. At first, nothing happens. But as the night slowly begins to creep in.. so as does the Bunny..Baby..Run.. Everyone in the house begins to feel a spectacular tingling sensation through every inch of their bodies. Their eyes explode with love and anticipation as the euphoric environment around them becomes perfectly real. They dance, they kiss, they have creative discussions about super heroes and reincarnation. But when one of the female teenagers drifts off into the house alone. She feels as though someone or something is following her. She becomes frightened as her euphoria darkens with violent colors. She feels trapped. She hallucinates an Evil Monster Bunny with long terrifying teeth and enormous clawed hands. She screams but can not escape the now violently swirling colors. The Monster Bunny proves to be real as it viciously tears her apart. After taking a few deep chomps of her flesh. It raises its bloody mouth and speaks to it’s self in a delighted tone “DELICIOUS, TASTE LIKE BITCH”. Unaware of the murderous attack, the other teenagers continue on with there joyous high.
Noises, louder-louder – creepy animal noises everywhere. The teenagers gather, they realize one of their friends is missing. Surprisingly, they walk in on a group of Evil Monster Bunnies having sex. At first they think their hallucination is hilarious-Laughing-Pointing-Telling Jokes. But little do they know, is that Evil Monster Bunnies don’t like to be made fun of when having sex. They become enraged. The teenagers must run for their lives as the Monster Bunnies begin killing everyone. Only three of the teenagers remain. They sneak outside. They see a house with it’s lights on. They run to it. They bang on the front door. They see a husband and wife with the cutest little two year old baby boy anyone has ever seen. The baby has just learned to walk. The family is overjoyed but remains calm as the teenagers continue to bang on the door. The husband has a chainsaw strapped over his right shoulder. After taking his good old time, he opens the front door. The teenagers are hysterical. The husband is expressionless. He waits for them to finishes with their rambling then replies with a cocky hillbilly tone “Don’t you kids know drugs don’t pay? I’m a hunter. Don’t let me catch you sneakin’ around.. otherwise you’ll be seein’ me sneakin’ on you..”. He then flashes them the chainsaw before closing the door.
The Monster Bunnies are coming!! The teenagers hide in the woods. Dehydration sets in. They feel light headed. All they can do is lay motionless in the weeds. As one of the teenagers goes in and out of consciousness, she finds herself staring at one of the Monster Bunnies. She watches it move towards the Hillbillies house. From through the bay window, she see’s the baby playfully walking on it’s new found legs. Suddenly, the Monster Bunny SCREAMS.. and JUMPS BACK upon first sight of the baby. It chatters it’s teeth then runs away. In a droopy drugged out haze the teenager murmurs to herself “Baby, the baby, the fucking bunnies are afraid of the baby”. A ray of hope sets in. She is inspired. She relays the information to her friends. They successfully sneak into the hillbillies house to kidnap the baby in order to scare and kill the Evil Monster Bunnies. After inflicting their revenge, they are faced with the daunting task of secretly returning the precious baby back to its home. The baby is overjoyed. The teenagers are thankful as the female cradles the baby in her arms. She gently lays it back into its carriage. Suddenly, the Mother appears screaming at the top of her lungs. The Father chases them with his chainsaw. He kills two of the teenagers leaving only the one female remaining. She has nothing left. He closes in on her.. But just as the thunderous bloody blade is inches away from her face. EVERYTHING ABRUPTLY DISAPPEARS. She finds herself stamering-overwhelmed-out of control in the woods all by herself. AN EXHILARATING CHILL STORMS THROUGH HER BODY. She has a hard time speaking but somehow utters out wildly “O, O, O Wow, that was”.
Scene cuts:
Close on: Reyno Credev Evdi’s face. Reyno speaks like a razor “Two Days Up, One Survived, Now that’s what I call a good time, Bunny..Baby..Run…”
Original Fictional Story Created by The Celebrity Killer and The Celebrity Killer ONLY. Thank you.


The Celebrity Killer presents his newest art piece titled GALAXY CLASS. Original image created by Celebrity Killer.


The Celebrity Killer sets his creative focus on four voluptuous Brazilian girls from the Rehab pool party in Las Vegas.


The Celebrity Killer thinks he’s a Cinematographer and he most certainly IS. Original cinematic image created by The Celebrity Killer and The Celebrity Killer ONLY.


“TEXAS” A Prominent Land Owner and his cult apprentice/leasing agent “JR”, lists apartment units and houses for rent on the internet then use the listings as a trap to bait their victims. When four young models move into a boutique Beverly Hills Apartment Building. Unbeknownst to them, they are the only tenants living on the property. For on one sinister night when they are all in the apartment together. A suspicious vapor begins to spray through the vents. The apartment slowly becomes silent. When the sedated girls awaken, they discover they are now completely naked covered in florescent glow paint. They are then viciously chased through the boutique apartment building as if it were some sort of sadistic fun house. The three girls that survive the attack are taken to a secluded mansion deep within the Malibu Hills. The interior of the mansion is dangerously sexy with a hint of death always looming. The main purpose of the Worthy Female Victims is to serve as Human Art Pieces. They are beautiful. They are all different and ever changing. They are not to move nor speak unless spoken too. If they fail in any way. A poetic death will soon follow. The three models that have recently been abducted try to escape. One of the girls puts on a real good show but in the end all three are wildly unsuccessful. This fictional story is not only realistically plausible, but will open your eyes to how truly beautiful murder can be.
THE BACK STORY BEHIND TEXAS: Texas grew up in what appeared to be the perfect family. Sammy Blue, his father was a well respected doctor who cherished his wife-daughter and son. But all the while Sammy Blue was concealing a hidden agenda. For Sammy Blue’s real dream was to not just create a wonderful life for his lovely family-but rather to create a wonderful life than take it away. So on one unthinkable night-Sammy Blue viciously rapped and murdered his wife and daughter. Then went into the basement where a Steel Spike was mounted on the wall. “THE HOT WALK” was written over top of the spike. Texas, 9 years old, sadly stands. His father reassured him that everything will be okay before sprinting full speed down-THE HOT WALK-and into the steel spike. Texas then grew up with a family from his community and a large inheritance. He attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and later became a prominent real-estate mogul. But Texas’s dream was very different from his father. For Texas’s dream was to create a life for himself with the hope that one day he would be WORTHY enough to get the DEVIL to pay him a visit BEFORE Death. No one has ever been so worthy. As Texas dedicates his life to be.
EXAMPLE -POETIC DEATH SCENE: The Bedroom is perfectly white. A reflective light glisens throughout. The right wall is shear glass. Inside the glass wall is a Female Art Piece laying posh on a long-narrow white chair. Her eyes devilishly change hues as if to reveal a secret. An oversized bed mattress with silky white sheets and fluffy white pillows are prepared in the bedroom. TEXAS lays outstretched over the center of the mattress. He appears peaceful with eyes glaring at the ceiling. He turns his face to the Female Art Piece. She decisively grins, then reaches down and grabs a circular white remote. Her trigger finger magically changes color as the tip presses one of the buttons. CLOSE ON: Trembling Flesh is mounted on the ceiling. Sharp Jagged Wires slowly tighten. Mouth muzzled. Eyes held open with sinister metal clamps. A tear from her eye drops onto the silky white sheets. Texas calmly closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and whispers “I Love This Life”. CLOSE ON: The Jagged Wires very slowly cut into her trembling flesh. Blood drips onto Texas’s legs and chest. Female Art Piece presses a different button on the remote. The muzzle is released from the tortured mouth. All At Once She Gasps-Chokes-Screams!! The Blood drops begin to multiply. Texas then rises to sit on his knees in the center of the mattress, outstretches his arms and whispers “How Beautiful Murder Can Be”. The painful noises from above abruptly die. Magically, the image of his father-Sammy Blue-appears from the back wall. Sammy proudly puts his hand on Texas’s shoulder and says “That’s my boy”. Texas turns and smiles. The Female Art Piece then rises as her “Female Likeness” rapidly changes from a Woman- to a Man- to a Demon and NEVER STOPS CHANGING. IT moves through the glass wall. Blood Rains down on them. Texas is astonished. IT pauses, then speaks definitively from its ever changing mouth “Like Father, Like Son. You Are Worthy. Texas…” Blood continues to rain down on them. Fade out:
“SEQUEL STRATEGY” for Rental Scam Psycho’s:
During the film. TEXAS has a halloween party at his mansion. The guest list consist only of his accomplished cult apprentices that now live in different states and foreign countries around the world. The identities of the attendees are concealed. THEREFOR, this would give the “STUDIO IN CHARGE” unlimited creative power to develop Rental Scam Psycho’s part 2-3-4 with the option to create New Sinister Characters from Different Geographical Locations. This would also allow for the opportunity to bring back older characters such as Texas, Song Bird Sonya or anyone who would enhance the new storyline. I believe my sequel strategy is unique because normally the writers and or director of most sequel’s are restricted to telling the same story through the same EYES of the same character and or characters. My strategy opens the door to endless creative possibilities while still maintaining the overall original concept.
Credits: Rental Scam Psychos is an original story with original characters created by Renato Caravaggio and Renato Caravaggio only. Original film concept created in 2005 by Renato Caravaggio. Anyone who specializes in producing horror movies that claims this original concept and characters are not worthy of being produced for any reason is a total fucking asshole, period. No exceptions. Thank you so much.


The Sexy Chair Art Concept is created by Celebrity Killer. The collection showcases exotic chairs from around the world and beyond with attractive females laced over top.


Reality TV Show Concept created by Celebrity Killer.
The Pool Party Season in the state of Nevada is big business for the Las Vegas Strip. It all started with the Rehab Pool Party from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino where party goers from all over the world would travel to participate in the outrageous and lavish pool party fun. The overwhelming success of this venue has now spawned a whole new pool party culture similar to “Spring Break” with over 24 venues showcasing their own pool party with either a Celebrity DJ or Celebrity guest performing as the headliner. I purpose the idea to choose a diverse group of seven people between the ages of 21-32 to live in Las Vegas together for the summer. The series would present their spontaneous, unscripted interactions with one another while exposing the new and exciting Electric Las Vegas Pool Party Life Style. Also, being that Las Vegas is internationally known for its gambling and now growing pool party scene. I purpose the idea of doing “Multiple International Shows” staring an all Asian, French, German, Russian, or Brazilian cast, to then be aired in each specific international market. This would allow for the reality shows to be used as an “International Marketing Tool” drawing even more people into the Las Vegas area. The hotels involved would also have the opportunity to create an indoor/outdoor “POOL PARTY SUITE” that would generate publicity and revenue for the hotel or hotels year round just like the “Real World Las Vegas Reality Show” did and is still doing after creating the Real World Suite at the Palms Hotel.
Miami Beach is well known for its extraordinary pool party life style due to such hotels as the Delano, Surfcomber, Fontainebleau, and Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel just to name a few. Therefore filming the first season of Pool Party Invasion in Miami would make for a fantastic opening debut. The Pool Party Invasion Series can also be filmed at lavish mansions in Los Angeles, Miami and Europe. This would allow for the viewers at home to get a sneak peek into the life styles of the rich and famous while still maintaining the pool party theme. NOTE: In regards to filming in Las Vegas. Most of the major pool party venues are closed Monday-Thursday. So if necessary we could film with a casted environment, or..I believe the hotel could advertise that we are filming and people would sign waivers and still pay to attend allowing the hotel to make money on the off days Renato Caravaggio is the sole creator of this and these domestic and or International Reality TV Show Series.


Succubus – The Game Of Take – Dezarae The Demon.
Over the past 3 years I have posted several poetic inserts about my real life Succubus story. But until now have never posted the mortal details. For this is the Crime Scene Of Love. Volume 1. Of Infinite Volumes. The short version of the true story by film maker and artist Renato Caravaggio. On September 22nd 2013 I somehow fell in love with a Ragging Succubus Whore by the name of Dezarae The Demon. She was extremely vulgar in every way. She taunted me with the terrible stories from her past. Her intentions towards me quickly turned malicious and cruel. On September 22nd 2013 the very first time i met her she drugged me in public. Due to the loud surrounding nosies I didn’t pass out. Then on September 23rd in the early morning while i was sleeping she stole my “Friend” Evan’s phone number. I had no idea this happened and what was to come after. On October 26th 2013 at Nic’s Bar and Lounge in Beverly Hills I thought I lost my cell phone, but she stole it. This is when she went through all the numbers in my phone and for sure called two of the worst friends a human being could ever have. Their names we’re “Evan The Narcissist” and “Erik The Evil Homo.” She wanted to have sex with both of them but Erik was gay. I was sending Evan pictures of Dezarae and talking to him about her while we we’re playing tennis. He pretended he didn’t know who she was… A month later Evan invited me to his birthday party. He had me sit next to him in the center of a long table. ..Everyone.. at the table was looking at me “Funny” as if i was on stage. After leaving the party i called Dezarae from inside my car. She asked me a weird question… murmured some odd words under her breath, then unbeknownst to me attended Evan The Narcissist’s lame ass no ass getting birthday party.

I can only imagine how they made fun of me. Laughing, lying, making jokes at my expense. Evan then took Dezarae back to his house. Did they have sex? What do you think? My relationship with Dezarae then progressed. On Christmas Eve, Dezarae slipped a sleeping pill into my drink. While I was passed out she brought a stranger into our room. She took photos with the stranger then sent the photo’s to Evan and Erik. Why would she do something so premeditated and evil? The answer is simple. Because they all three found each other. They we’re three of a kind. Maybe not on the outside. But on the inside their hearts we’re a perfect match. From the beginning they we’re manipulating one another through me in order to get what they wanted. My relationship with Dezarae continue’d. In Las Vegas in front of two of her girlfriends she drugged me. The night after that she did it again. This time I can remember one of her girlfriend’s waving and whispering goodbye as my eyes slowly closed. She then drugged me in public again. I passed out for a few seconds then somehow awakened. That’s when i found Dezarae behind the book shelves talking to someone. But this was no stranger. This was a guy she knew… But somehow I was able to stay on my feet. And so she stayed by my side. Meanwhile the swirling deception of evil was in full swing. My ability to perform faded. I found myself losing HARD to much lesser opponents. Subconsciously I blocked out the deceptive wickedness – Evan secretly met her at the Skin Gentlemen’s Club – He spent who knows how much money?? Then took Dezarae to the Best Western Plus Hollywood Hills Hotel where they had breakfast inside the 24 hour 101 Coffee Shop. Did they have sex? What do think? I HAD NO IDEA THIS HAPPENED. No one told me anything. But my instincts, my instincts knew something was wrong. And it was my instincts that forced me to try. She said she loved me. She said she couldn’t wait to see me. The very next day we got in an argument. I then found her with some other guy. At first she pretended to hide. But that was all an act. For you see my “Good Friend” Erik told her I was coming. As I was about to leave she taunted me. She wanted me to get mad. When the police arrived she pretended as if she didn’t know who i was. After I showed the police her stream of text messages. Including the one from the other day when she said she loved me. They turned their attention to Dezarae. But in the end I was arrested. Spent the night in a holding cell. I needed a lawyer so i called my other “Good Friend” Evan. He set me up with the nicest person I have ever met. Why did he do this? Because he felt guilty for secretly being my enemy. I also think it was a fantastic diversion. For if he helps me why would I ever look in his direction. Still my love for Dezarae remained. All I had left was my instincts and creativity. By accident or by destiny I started creatively transforming my art photos. The process was slow yet soothing as I developed my very own unique three tear art formula. As I built my collection. Evan escalated his sexual activity with Dezarae. He wanted her to move into his house. But because he didn’t have a pool. She moved in with some else. As for Erik the evil homo. Turns out he had a serious obsession and or uncontrollable jealousy towards me. He was pretending whatever i was doing he was doing. Whatever i was good at he was better. He was pretending my art work was his. Erik realized the value of my vast intellectual properties. So he engineered several attempts to steal my laptop and hard drives. On June 29th 2015 in Venice Ca he had a 60 year old white male with an extremely high pitched voice break into my car while I was inside. Everything happened so fast I thought it was a black guy because he had black oil or some sort of black substance on his face. But I will never forget his abnormally high pitched female like voice. This person is homeless and lives at the Gold’s Gym in Venice. Erik also manipulated a “Very Green Tennis Whatever/Wannabe Screenwriter” who I now refer to as “Big Smile Karl.” Behind his Bosses back, Big Smile was secretly telling Erik The Evil Homo where I was staying and every word that came out of my mouth in order to try and hurt me in any way possible. Erik then forward the information to Dezarae, Dezarae used the information to confuse Evan who was never actually confused at all. Now Big Smile Karl was and is big time hillbilly stupid but he wasn’t as green as he pretended and WANTED to do what he did. Big Smile pretended to be my friend and was always highly interested in my business. What else?? O yeah Evan secretly played tennis with Big Smile. Neither one of them told me. Wonder why?? That’s odd.. isn’t it?? I think it’s pretty fucking odd.. yeah in fact it is… isn’t it?? What else?? Dezarae gave Evan.. Erik’s phone number so they could secretly play tennis. You see Erik was PRETENDING he was just as good or better than me at tennis. But hey what the hell else is new? The answer just so you know is FUCK NO almost the same as it would be for Evan but way worse. And the next time you want a WHORE to secretly watch us play tennis without my knowledge please let me know.

Ok, moving on.. The puzzling question is… where was Erik The Evil Homo getting his over fueled motivation to try and steal my intellectual properties and make me disappear? The answer is simple… Because Erik and Dezarae got the idea to write a script – Write a script about ..ME.. and all the “TERRIBLE THINGS …ALL THREE OF THEM… did to me they THOUGHT i didn’t know about.” That’s when Dezarae asked Evan if he could help them make a movie. Make a movie about ..ME.. Evan then introduced Dezarae to Hollywood Movie Producer Jason… last name starts with a B. Ok, wait a minute, let’s slow.. this ..way.. ..down… Now i have known Evan for 7 years and he ignored my every request for any kind of help what so ever. I have played tennis with him HUNDREDS OF TIMES. I am the one with all the original content and skill – I am the one who has spent his entire life pursuing film and art. I am the one who has done everything on his own with no help from anyone. And Evan goes out and tells people I am not good enough. He wouldn’t even get me a job in the mail room. But when a twenty 22 year old porn star and some guy from Las Vegas who he doesn’t even know ask’s him for help to make a movie – a movie about ..ME.. he set’s them up or pretends to set them up with one of the biggest movie producers in Hollywood. So, is that it? Is this the end of my true story? NO… The third act remains untold. And the Hero – The Victim – The Good Guy – Renato Caravaggio – The Celebrity Killer and Cinema Verite Master will rise above the villains. “For sometimes when the world is lucky, guys like me, get to make real movies. Sometimes, when the world is lucky. And THE WORLD ..IS.. going to get lucky.” So Say’s The Creator – Renato Caravaggio – Ultimate Cinema Verite Master. I forgive all those BIG and VERY Very very SMALL for the evil they have done. By the grace of God i survived and God will judge them all. BELOW is the poetic version of the real life Succubus Story by Renato Caravaggio.

Succubus – The Game Of Take – Volume 1. Of Infinite Volumes – Dezarae The Demon

Divinity brought us together. Her name was Dezarae The Demon aka The Desired One. She was divinely beautiful yet extremely vulgar in every way. Was I her next Wanting Victim or was I Worthy? Her green eyes took me for a long ride through the night and into the light. Cupid hesitated before shooting an arrow through her decaying heart. With the fury of a thousand ancient whore’s she wailed. She then seduced the unwarranted egos of all the green leafs around me. My ability to perform quickly faded. I found myself losing to much lesser opponents. Would i let Dezarae The Demon destroy me? And if so, would this prove my love for her is true? The Succubus Queen otherwise known as the Succubus Of The Light whispered softly through the night. “Rise… finish him.” Dezarae ignored the ominous command. The Queen’s whisper grew louder. “Rise Dezarae The Desired One, Finish Him”. One final moment of innocences swirled through our veins. Dezarae sharply looked into my eyes then vanished. Where was she? I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t see myself. Was I floating? From a million light years away their was a Beaming Hypnotizing Glow. A slow tear drop drizzled from my eye. Was I ever to see her again? I paused for a moment, then like a fearless warrior i yelled, ‘KILL ME!! GO AHEAD!! DO IT!! KILL ME DEAD!! And so she did. Over and over it was all so dark the terrible things. Do I still love Dezarae The Demon aka The Desired One? YES – NO, always and for infinity, for she is my Succubus and this is the ongoing true story of The Game Of Take. So say’s The Creator – Renato Caravaggio – Ultimate Cinema Verite Master.


The GAME OF TAKE – I The Creator needs to not only correct myself but all historical dictionaries regarding the definition for the word SUCCUBUS. SUCCUBUS is a unisex word that represents both Female and Male equally. For I have learned that a MALE can be just as Evil Minded – Malicious with Cruel Premeditated Pathetic Intent to try and destroy another persons life, steel their property and or identity, or to simply entertain themselves at the expense of another. EVIL BEYOND COMPREHENSION ..IS.. The definition of SUCCUBUS. Unfortunately for the SUCCUBUS, Church is always in session. For the Camera’s Eye Of GOD is always on, and the Camera’s Eye Of GOD never turns off. Therefor, church is in session when you are watching movies, at work or school, when you are playing ice hockey, during your bachelorette and or bachelor party, when you are getting married, when you are eating frosted flakes, and before the day you are born to infinity. So what makes a FEMALE – MALE – SUCCUBUS think that the Camera’s Eye Of GOD can not see when the SUCCUBUS and or SUCCUBUS’S are engaging in Disgraceful – Heinous – Beyond Evil Acts? I the Creator do not currently have the answer to this question, for I do not and may never fully understand the deepest and darkest layers of evil. But if one or all truly believes in PEACE – LOVE – AND GOODNESS TO ALL – than one or all will never have to worry about becoming a SUCCUBUS before the CAMERA’S EYE OF GOD. So say’s The Creator.