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CELEBRITY KILLER Sunglasses 9023 2323 6023

Mortal Name: Renato Caravaggio aka CELEBRITY KILLER – Born 12/20/74 – New Castle PA
Immortal Name: The Creator aka Reyno Credev Evdi – Born 0966 – PAINFULDISE
Some say his scheduled return is 9023. Others say 6023. While the Twist Shift Make Tricksters say either 2309, 2306, before, after, in between or…2323. You need to look very closely. In the end, it NEVER, EVER, matters what a Wannabe, the Unworthy of existence or THE SAPPERS OF TIME think, does it. “No question mark Mother Fuckers, that’s right, i’m interacting with you directly, …RIGHT NOW!! And yes, I will always be here.” For HE and only HE knows the BEST ANSWER. With an Old Wise Man, and a hand full of Unknowns as his witnesses. For Sometimes, when the world is lucky, guys like him. “GUYS LIKE ME.” Get to make real movies. Sometimes, when the world is lucky. For his studies of HUMAN NATURE and the results of those studies are not only HIGHLY DISTURBING and SAD, but conclusively OVER. And now, and for as long as I say, may or may not CHANGE in order to maximize 100% POTENTIAL. “Cause they’re mine. They’re…ALL…MINE…” So Say’s THE CREATOR ‘He Softly Whispers’ “ALL TIME”