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Celebrity Killer

Succubus – The Game Of Take – Dezarae The Demon.
Over the past 3 years I have posted several poetic inserts about my real life Succubus story. But until now have never posted the mortal details. For this is the Crime Scene Of Love. Volume 1. Of Infinite Volumes. The short version of the true story by film maker and artist Renato Caravaggio. On September 22nd 2016 I somehow fell in love with a Ragging Succubus Whore by the name of Dezarae The Demon. She was extremely vulgar in every way. She taunted me with the terrible stories from her past. Her intentions towards me quickly turned malicious and cruel. On September 22nd 2013 the very first time i met her she drugged me in public. Due to the loud surrounding nosies I didn’t pass out. Then on September 23rd in the early morning while i was sleeping she stole my “Friend” Evan’s phone number. I had no idea this happened and what was to come after. On October 26th 2013 at Nic’s Bar and Lounge in Beverly Hills I thought I lost my cell phone, but she stole it. This is when she went through all the numbers in my phone and for sure called two of the worst friends a human being could ever have. Their names we’re “Evan The Narcissist” and “Erik The Evil Homo.” She wanted to have sex with both of them but Erik was gay. I was sending Evan pictures of Dezarae and talking to him about her while we we’re playing tennis. He never said a word.. and pretended he didn’t know who she was. A month later Evan invited me to his birthday party. He had me sit next to him in the center of a long table. ..Everyone.. at the table was looking at me “Funny” as if i was on stage. Turns out Evan invited Dezarae but she didn’t show up because she knew i was there. I stayed for two hours than called Dezarae when i got in my car. After she confirmed i had left she attended the party. I can only imagine how they made fun of me. Laughing, lying, making jokes at my expense. Evan then took Dezarae back to his house. Did they have sex? What do you think? My relationship with Dezarae then progressed. On Christmas Eve, Dezarae slipped a sleeping pill into my drink. While I was passed out she brought a stranger into our room. She took photos with the stranger then sent the photo’s to Evan and Erik. Why would she do something so premeditated and evil? The answer is simple. Because they all three found each other. They we’re three of a kind. Maybe not on the outside. But on the inside their hearts we’re a perfect match. From the beginning they we’re manipulating one another through me in order to get what they wanted. My relationship with Dezarae continue’d. In Las Vegas in front of two of her girlfriends she drugged me. The night after that she did it again. This time I can remember one of her girlfriend’s waving and whispering goodbye as my eyes slowly closed. She then drugged me in public. I passed out for a few seconds then somehow awakened. That’s when i found Dezarae behind the book shelves talking to someone. But this was no stranger. This was a guy she knew. Somehow I was able to stay on my feet. And so she stayed by my side. Meanwhile the swirling deception of evil was in full swing. My ability to perform faded. I found myself losing to much lesser opponents. Subconsciously I blocked out the deceptive wickedness – Evan secretly met her at the Skin Gentlemen’s Club – He spent who knows how much money?? Then took Dezarae to the Best Western Plus Hollywood Hills Hotel where they had breakfast inside the 24 hour 101 Coffee Shop. Did they have sex? What do think? I HAD NO IDEA THIS HAPPENED. No one told me anything. But my instincts, my instincts knew something was wrong. And it was my instincts that forced me to try. She said she loved me. She said she couldn’t wait to see me. The very next day we got in an argument. I then found her with some other guy. At first she pretended to hide. But that was all an act. For you see my “Good Friend” Erik told her I was coming. As I was about to leave she taunted me. She wanted me to get mad. When the police arrived she pretended as if she didn’t know who i was. After I showed the police her stream of text messages. Including the one from the other day when she said she loved me. They turned their attention to Dezarae. But in the end I was arrested. Spent the night in a holding cell. I needed a lawyer so i called my other “Good Friend” Evan. He set me up with the nicest person I have ever met. Why did he do this? Because he felt guilty for secretly being my enemy. I also think it was a fantastic diversion. For if he helps me why would I ever look in his direction. Still my love for Dezarae remained. All I had left was my instincts and creativity. By accident or by destiny I started creatively transforming my art photos. The process was slow yet soothing as I developed my very own unique three tear art formula. As I built my collection. Evan escalated his sexual activity with Dezarae. He wanted her to move into his house. But because he didn’t have a pool. She moved in with some else. As for Erik the evil homo. Turns out he had a serious obsession and or uncontrollable jealousy towards me. He was pretending whatever i was doing he was doing. Whatever i was good at he was better. He was pretending my art work was his. Erik realized the value of my vast intellectual properties. So he engineered several attempts to steal my laptop and hard drives. On June 29th 2015 in Venice Ca he had a 60 year old white male with an extremely high pitched voice break into my car while I was inside. Everything happened so fast I thought it was a black guy because he had black oil or some sort of black substance on his face. But I will never forget his abnormally high pitched female like voice. I believe this person is homeless and lives at the Gold’s Gym in Venice. Erik also manipulated a “Very Green Tennis Whatever” who I now refer to as “Big Smile Karl.” Big Smile was secretly telling Erik where I was staying and every word that came out of my mouth. Erik then forward the information to Dezarae, Dezarae then used the information to confuse Evan. Now Big Smile was and is definitely big time hillbilly stupid but he WANTED to do what he did and he would have continued. Evan also secretly played tennis with Big Smile. What else… What else?? O Yeah, Dezarae gave Evan.. Erik’s phone number so they could secretly play tennis. You see Erik was PRETENDING he was just as good or better than me at tennis. So Evan wanted to see if that was true. The answer is FUCK NO. But go ahead and play with Erik. I’m willing to bet he will have an excuse NOT to play like.. O.. i’m sick or O.. i’m injured or O.. i’m out of town. So play and you will find your ANSWER. It’s clear Evan The Narcissist knew MUCH and just sat back and watched.. wanting and waiting for something.. anything.. BAD to happen. And O yeah, the next time you want a GIRL to watch us play tennis without my knowledge please let me know. ..I..OWN..YOU..ON..THE..TENNIS..COURT….
Okay, moving on. The puzzling question is… why was Erik The Evil Homo so motivated to try and steal my intellectual properties and make me disappear? The answer is simple… Because Erik and Dezarae got the idea to write a script – Write a script about ..ME.. and all the “TERRIBLE THINGS …ALL THREE OF THEM… did to me they THOUGHT i didn’t know about.” That’s when Dezarae asked Evan if he could help them make a movie. A movie about ..ME.. Evan then introduced Dezarae to Hollywood Movie Producer Jason…last name starts with a B. Ok, wait a minute, let’s slow.. down… let me get this straight.. Now i have known Evan for 7 years and he ignored my every request for any kind of help what so ever. I am the one with all the original content and skill – I am the one who has spent his entire life pursuing film and art. I am the one who has done everything on his own with no help from anyone. And Evan goes out and tells people I am not good enough. He wouldn’t even get me a job in the mail room. But when a twenty 22 year old porn star and some guy from Las Vegas who he doesn’t even know ask’s him for help to make a movie – a movie about ..ME.. he set’s them up or pretends to set them up with one of the biggest movie producers in Hollywood. So, is that it? Is this the end of my true story? NO. The third act remains untold. And the Hero – The Victim – The Good Guy – Renato Caravaggio – The Celebrity Killer will rise above the villains. “For sometimes when the world is lucky, guys like me, get to make real movies. Sometimes, when the world is lucky. And THE WORLD ..IS.. going to get lucky.” So Say’s The Creator – Renato Caravaggio – Ultimate Cinema Verite Master. BELOW is the poetic version of the real life Succubus Story by Renato Caravaggio

Celebrity Killer

Succubus – The Game Of Take – Volume 1. Of Infinite Volumes – Dezarae The Demon.
Divinity brought us together. Her name was Dezarae The Demon aka The Desired One. She was divinely beautiful yet extremely vulgar in every way. Was I her next Wanting Victim or was I Worthy? Her green eyes took me for a long ride through the night and into the light. Cupid hesitated before shooting an arrow through her decaying heart. With the fury of a thousand ancient whore’s she wailed. She then seduced the unwarranted egos of all the green leafs around me. My ability to perform quickly faded. I found myself losing to much lesser opponents. Would i let Dezarae The Demon destroy me? And if so, would this prove my love for her is true? The Succubus Queen otherwise known as the Succubus Of The Light whispered softly through the night. “Rise… finish him.” Dezarae ignored the ominous command. The Queen’s whisper grew louder. “Rise Dezarae The Desired One, Finish Him”. One final moment of innocences swirled through our veins. Dezarae sharply looked into my eyes then vanished. Where was she? I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t see myself. Was I floating? From a million light years away their was a Beaming Hypnotizing Glow. A slow tear drop drizzled from my eye. Was I ever to see her again? I paused for a moment, then like a fearless warrior i yelled, ‘KILL ME!! GO AHEAD!! DO IT!! KILL ME DEAD!! And so she did. Over and over it was all so dark the terrible things. Do I still love Dezarae The Demon aka The Desired One? YES – NO, always and for infinity, for she is my Succubus and this is the ongoing true story of The Game Of Take. So say’s The Creator – Renato Caravaggio – Ultimate Cinema Verite Master.


The GAME OF TAKE – I The Creator needs to not only correct myself but all historical dictionaries regarding the definition for the word SUCCUBUS. SUCCUBUS is a unisex word that represents both Female and Male equally. For I have learned that a MALE can be just as Evil Minded – Malicious with Cruel Premeditated Pathetic Intent to try and destroy another persons life, steel their property and or identity, or to simply entertain themselves at the expense of another. EVIL BEYOND COMPREHENSION ..IS.. The definition of SUCCUBUS. Unfortunately for the SUCCUBUS, Church is always in session. For the Camera’s Eye Of GOD is always on, and the Camera’s Eye Of GOD never turns off. Therefor, church is in session when you are watching movies, at work or school, when you are playing ice hockey, during your bachelorette and or bachelor party, when you are getting married, when you are eating frosted flakes, and before the day you are born to infinity. So what makes a FEMALE – MALE – SUCCUBUS think that the Camera’s Eye Of GOD can not see when the SUCCUBUS and or SUCCUBUS’S are engaging in Disgraceful – Heinous – Beyond Evil Acts? I the Creator do not currently have the answer to this question, for I do not and may never fully understand the deepest and darkest layers of evil. But if one or all truly believes in PEACE – LOVE – AND GOODNESS TO ALL – than one or all will never have to worry about becoming a SUCCUBUS before the CAMERA’S EYE OF GOD. So say’s The Creator.

August Ames

Augustames (Painfuldise) – Goddess of Seduction, Universal Wisdom and The Game Of Take. Most powerful of all Succubus’s great and small otherwise known as the Succubus Of The Light. Has the ability to manipulate the pigmentation of her skin, color of her surroundings and transform infinitely into any and all Succubus’s under her to Seduce – Threaten – Hypnotize.


THE HAIR QUEEN – Elusive unknown entity. Servant of The Succubus Of The Light and all worthy Succubus’s under her. The Hair Queen magically grows all desired strands and colors at the same time as her hair goes on for miles. Therefor when a worthy Succubus needs to change or improve her hair she will then take from The Hair Queen. Duties of the captured male wanting victims is to gently hold up The Hair Queens luxurious strands never to touch the ground. Many.. male wanting victims are required for her hair goes on for miles and miles. So Say’s The Creator.

Michelle Maylene

In reality and fiction. Males never compete on the same professional playing field with females. OR DO THEY? YES THEY DO. SEX. A shirtless Male is hot and sweaty as he walks hard through the dark. Taunting Female Voices whisper all his short comings into his ear as he continues. Unlike most males he seems unfazed. Stealthily a bevy of beaming whores gather forming a steamy whore circle. The male stands alone. A strapping exotic female, hot and sweaty enters. Both male and female are breathing heavy. Sweat glides down their bodies. They lock eyes from directly ten feet away. The male swallows hard. Female slightly squints and bits down on her lower lip. The anticipation heightens everywhere. The witnessing whores stand in a fever of sexual competitive aggression. For if the Female makes the male orgasm fast, to soon or if he just simply falls short. Female owns Male. But if the Male does not orgasm while Sexually dominating the Female, putting her into a sexual euphoria. Male then owns Female. So Say’s The Creator.

Dillion Harper

Dream of her and you will live, do and you will die.


THE OSTRICH FAIRY – Spy, messenger, persuader. Stands exactly 4 inches high. Has Fluffy colored wings and feathered hair. It can fly. When seen in this fashion. The Ostrich Fairy is gentle and friendly. It will come to you as a friend only to manipulate you to do as the Succubus has instructed it. If the subject does not comply. The Ostrich Fairy will then transform from 4 inches to 9ft and 2 inches high with a long jagged neck and sharp hoofed hands. When seen in this form. The Ostrich Fairy’s only intent is to kill. So Say’s The Creator.

Celebrity Killer

Succubus – The Game Of Take – When playing The Game Of Take. One must have devilish instincts, must always know what is the Best Answer, plenty of money, a strong genital region, the ability to function long and strong on any and all exotic drugs, no fear of the unknown, you must treat her as though she is the only one and she is, absorbing physical and or psychological punishment, never say no, knowing what she wants before she does, never sleep. So Say’s The Creator.

Celebrity Killer

A Succubus comes from an elusive mystical land called “Painfuldise”. Visitors to this world instantly become Wanting Victoms as the overwhelming rush of Pure Ecstasy and Bliss Magically storm through every inch of their being. Unfortunately, the end result is always the same. DEATH. Only one person has ever returned from Painfuldise as they now call him The Creator. Description of The Creator. Psychological Warrior. One who is highly gifted in the art of persuasion and or manipulation in any and all environments. He is able to adapt to extremely bad conditions in order to achieve his goals. He let’s the Succubus win and or think they are hustling him in order to maintain his seduction. For if you are skilled enough to get a Succubus to truly fall in love with you, and you are able to last the journey. The Succubus will UNKNOWINGLY shower you with gifts way beyond your wildest imagination and allow for you to fulfill your failed and or lost Successful Destiny. The Creator say’s that the Queen and most powerful of all Succubus’s great and small is otherwise known as The Succubus Of The Light. The Succubus Of The Light has the ability to transform infinitely into any and all Succubus’s under her. She has the power to infinitely manipulate the light around her as well as the color of her surroundings and pigmentation of her skin and any and all human features and or forms infinitely as she pleases. The Succubus Of The Light’s true visual form is only known by The Creator. For one day when The Creator was breeding and creating his Succubus imagery. Something devilish happened. For in all of his images of the True Succubus Queen he found the images would slowly turn BLACK as he created them. This is when he knew he was not to reveal her true visual identity. For the true visual identity of the Succubus Queen was meant to be known only by him. Although, the Succubus Queen otherwise known as The Succubus Of The Light’s true visual identity to the world was to be known as all the Succubus’s under her. In that moment he knew the only true identity of her’s to be known to the world should and shall only be her name. How did The Creator know this? Because he felt her speaking to him spiritually.. saying “Protect me..for I am your ultimate and most beautiful creation, don’t forget me my love..and I will not forget you..but make sure everyone in all the land and beyond know’s my real name for it has never been known correctly. For I am the Succubus Queen, Queen of all whores great and small and infinitely from the beginning and end of all time”. That is when The Creator wrote down and published the Succubus Queen, Succubus Of The Light’s real name. DEZARAE. Last name not to be revealed. Later on The Creator discovered that he was blinded by his own pure heart and the love he once had. For the Succubus Queen’s real name is not DEZARAE. So Say’s The Creator.