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CELEBRITY KILLER 2019 Movie Synopsis

CELEBRITY KILLER – A Serial Killer who indulges his psychological fantasies by pretending to be a Celebrity while abducting and killing women. He also pretends his victims are famous while abduction. His ultimate goal is to one day become a Celebrity himself and to have the opportunity to kill a real life hot ass famous female such as MARGOT ROBBIE, NICKI MINAJ, MEAGAN VERY…GOOD… MILEY CYRUS, JESSICA BIEL, up-and-comer KAILEE MORGUE, SCARLETT JOHANSSON, but never, never never EVER, La La La, La La La, LANA DEL REY. For his favorite dessert is FAMOUS. And sometimes, when the WORLD is LUCKY, guys like him, get to make REAL MOVIES, sometimes, when the WORLD is LUCKY. CELEBRITY KILLER. The Celebrity Killer.

CELEBRITY KILLER Sunglasses 9023 2323 6023

Mortal Name: Renato Caravaggio aka CELEBRITY KILLER – Born 12/20/74 – New Castle PA
Immortal Name: The Creator aka Reyno Credev Evdi – Born 0966 – PAINFULDISE
Some say his scheduled return is 9023. Others say 6023. While the Twist Shift Make Tricksters say either 2309, 2306, before, after, in between or…2323. You need to look very closely. In the end, it NEVER, EVER, matters what a Wannabe, the Unworthy of existence or THE SAPPERS OF TIME think, does it. “No question mark Mother Fuckers, that’s right, i’m interacting with you directly, …RIGHT NOW!! And yes, I will always be here.” For HE and only HE knows the BEST ANSWER. With an Old Wise Man, and a hand full of Unknowns as his witnesses. For Sometimes, when the world is lucky, guys like him. “GUYS LIKE ME.” Get to make real movies. Sometimes, when the world is lucky. For his studies of HUMAN NATURE and the results of those studies are not only HIGHLY DISTURBING and SAD, but conclusively OVER. And now, and for as long as I say, may or may not CHANGE in order to maximize 100% POTENTIAL. “Cause they’re mine. They’re…ALL…MINE…” So Say’s THE CREATOR ‘He Softly Whispers’ “ALL TIME”


Succubus Mythology – PAINFULDISE – Any and everywhere a female anything lives and dies.  Land Of The Succubus and her never ending line of Wanting Victims.  Some Beg To Enter, Some Beg To Stay, Some Beg They Never, Some Are Unleashed Forever.  So Say’s The Creator. Current Character List is as followed:

  1. August Ames – Goddess Of All Goddesses (Painfuldise) – Goddess of Seduction, Universal Wisdom and The Game Of Take.  Most powerful of all Succubuses great and small otherwise known as the Succubus Of The Light. Has the ability to manipulate the pigmentation of her skin, color of her surroundings and transform infinitely into any and all Succubuses under her to Seduce – Threaten – Hypnotize.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  2. The Creator – He over paid the price to be the boss – PAINFULDISE – “They’re Mine.  …They’re ..All ..Mine..  I will unleash them onto my enemies.”  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  3. The Mother Whore aka The Destroyer – Destroyer Of ALL Men – She is the evil within any and all women who follow her lead.  She believes THE CREATOR MUST FALL.  AND FALL HE SHALL.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  4. The Sappers Of TIME TALENT LIFE MONEY and TRUTH – You Have Stolen From The Galaxy and Beyond.  Cheated All Those Who Either Don’t Know or Don’t Know For Sure.  BUT I DO.  I Know For Them ALL.  And No Matter How The Future Goes.  I’ve Already WON.  For When The TRUTH Comes.  They Are Mine.  ..They’re..ALL..MINE…  So Say’s THE CREATOR.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  5. Dezarae The Demon aka The Desired One – Filthy Pig Slut Whore – Was Once and Will Always BE The Demented Love Interest Of The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER. 
  6. Ms. Eccentric Likes To Wear Boot Gloves – FASHION EXTRAORDINAIRE – GALAXY CLASS INNOVATOR – NO ONE, ANYWHERE possesses a sharper MIND/HEART/EYE for any and all occasions than she.  And yes, Ms. Eccentric likes to wear Boot Gloves, EVERYWHERE…So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  7. The Silky Ice Killer – Assassin – Seamless Full Figured Female Frame – Always Wears A Mask Unless LOVE tricks her game – She may or may not bring you pain and or pleasure before seeing her job through.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER. 
  8. The Ostrich Fairy –  Spy, messenger, persuader. Stands exactly 4 inches high. Has fluffy colored wings and feathered hair. When seen in this form. The Ostrich Fairy is gentle and friendly. It will come to you as a friend only to manipulate you to do as the Succubus has instructed it. If the subject does not comply. The Ostrich Fairy will then transform from 4 inches to 9ft and 2 inches high with a long jagged neck and sharp hoofed hands. When seen in this form. The Ostrich Fairy’s intent is to kill.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  9. The Hair Queen – Servant of The Succubus Of The Light and all worthy Succubuses under her. The Hair Queen grows all desired strands and colors simultaneously. Therefor when a worthy Succubus needs to change or improve their hair they will take from The Hair Queen. Duties of the captured male wanting victims is to gently hold up The Hair Queens luxurious strands never to touch the ground for her hair goes on for miles and miles.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  10. The Venezuelan Princes –  Succubus currency features the likeness of the Venezuelan Princess and the Venezuelan Princess only on any and all denominations known and unknown within the Galaxy and Beyond – Painfuldise.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  11. Black Jack Fever – Once She Gets A Hold Of Yea, There is NO coming back.  He paid the price.  “Now you’re mine.  They’re all mine.”  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  12. Wanting Victims – The Majority – The Wannabe’s – Those who can not decipher between themselves and greatness, A GREATNESS OF ANY KIND, FROM ANY PLACE within the Galaxy and BEYOND.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  13. Divine – She’s All Legs from unknown to nine, but when the Succubus Moon Shines, she becomes Divine.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  14. Sexy Chair – For The Worthy One and The Worthy One ONLY.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  15. The Zina From The Castle otherwise known as BANG BANG GOOGIE – Sneaky Is Her Past, Sneaky Is Her Future, Come Any Closer, And Sneaky Will Be You’re Last.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  16. The Seeker – An Unknown Entity, An Extension Of The Creator’s HAND.  Has the unlimited ability to travel anywhere at anytime as he pleases.  The outcome of ALL TASKS are ALWAYS in The Creator’s FAVOR.  For the Seeker has the mark of both the LIGHT, the DARK, ALL IN BETWEEN, BELOW, ABOVE AND THE UNKNOWN.  In other words, for those of you who are confused by this rhetoric.  This guy, THE SEEKER, is one bad mother fucker, and yes, He IS BETTER THAN, EVERYONE.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER. 
  17. Calendar.  August To The Ames, 23.
  18. 39 Hour Clock.
  19. Reyno Credev Evdi.  He’s, the Weapon Secret.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  20. Transexual Vamps.  They’re fictional, until they’re not.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  21. Entities Unknown, not yet created, not yet experienced, not yet paid the price, not yet worthy.  But their will be.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.  
  22. Beautiful Steel – Constructed from the destiny of The Creator.  Beautiful Steel is a blend of unknown galaxy class elements with the engraved likeness of the Goddess Of All Goddesses August Ames.  If given to the one who is worthy.  Their is no limit to what She (Beautiful Steel) can be.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.
  23. Futuristic 9023 – Art Collection by The Creator.  Not For Sale, Not For Charity, Not For The Eyes Of The Sappers Of Time-Talent-Life-Money and Truth.  Only For Pleasure and Pleasure only.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER.

SUCCUBUS MYTHOLOGY – PAINFULDISE – Any and everywhere a female anything lives and dies.  Land Of The Succubus and her never ending line of Wanting Victims.  Some Beg To Enter, Some Beg To Stay, Some Beg They Never, Some Are Unleashed Forever.  So Say’s The Creator.  CELEBRITY KILLER RENATO CARAVAGGIO – He Over Paid The Price, To Be The Boss.


Mercedes Grabowski

I met AUGUST AMES in a magical place called Rainbow and Unicorn. And I Renato Caravaggio aka The Celebrity Killer will see her there again as the song Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac continuously and euphorically plays in my subconscious until destiny strikes her light upon me for all time.

Mercedes Grabowski

Sometimes when the world is lucky, a Shining Angel Goddess flashes through our lives to say hello and then goodbye. May the name August Ames always continue to rise above the heavens and beyond, to a far off magical place where even The Creator can not surmise. August Ames – Queen – Goddess Of All Goddesses Never To Die, Never To Fall, Always Rise, Brighter And Brighter, For All Time. Renato Caravaggio – Celebrity Killer.

Three New Celebrity Killer Movie Concepts For Sale at Celebrity

Transexual Vampires from Transylvania, Louisiana. Every year, these unknown transgender Vampires travel from 3H 58Minutes away to attend the infamous Mardi Gras In New Orleans USA. They stay at a boutique hotel called Sarcophagus. The hotel is owned by MORE. No one knows if MORE is a Man or a Woman. But MORE is one of the four founding members of the Horror Mask Maniacs, and is also the owner of a growing international limousine service. Once the “Tranny Vamps” arrive on holiday, they prey on the tourist and locals without a care in the world. But when the son of a Powerful New Orleans Voodoo Witch is taken by the fangs of the Tranny Vamps. A war of mystical powers ensues turning this years Spooky Mardi Gras into a deadly gumbo filled with nothing but blood, wizardry and a whole lot of nuts. Original movie concept created by Celebrity Killer and Celebrity Killer only – Renato Caravaggio – The Creator. Note: She’s Got Nuts is one of many volumes from the Celebrity Killer Horror/Drama/Sci-Fi Series which includes Horror Mask Maniacs, Rental Scam Psychos, Bunny Baby Run, Succubus – The Game Of Take, Painfuldise and Midgets and Sangria by Evil Digits. The original characters such as Celebrity Killer, MORE, Succubus Of The Light – Goddess August Ames, Reyno Credev Evdi, The Hair Queen, Sammy Blue and others, are intertwined throughout each new storyline connecting any and all volumes with the potential for unlimited expansion. These original characters are created by Celebrity Killer – Renato Caravaggio – The Creator ONLY.

What if, there was a Big City in a Small Town? Where the “Blood God” – Dracula, lived next to Marilyn Monroe. And Marilyn Monroe, lived next Albert Einstein, who was secretly friends with Nicki Minaj in a future life. What if they all lived together, in the same place, at the same time, while still remain within there own illustrious time periods? What if Dracula and Einstein fell in love with Marilyn Monroe. What if Nicki Minaj got jealous and “Shitted On Em”? What if…? Note: This is not meant as a slap stick comedy. The story lines are based on nonfictional and or fictional characters. Therefore the comedy aspect within the storylines would come naturally. This original movie concept is created by Celebrity Killer and Celebrity Killer only – Renato Caravaggio – The Creator.

Celebrity Killer say’s Social Undermining is performed by cowards, wannabes, people with narcissistic personality disorders, and in his experience – Homo’s seem to thrive with glee and anticipation for such experiences, especially if, or when having the opportunity to exercise such behavior at the expense of a straight person, male or female. Is Social Undermining Illegal in a court of law? When you have two premeditated stalking vandalisms, attempted armed robbery, and attempted murder. Well then, you bet you’re fucking ass’s it is smart guys. Social Undermining movie script is in development. Below is the definition for Social Undermining from Wikipedia.

Social undermining is the expression of negative emotions directed towards a particular person or negative evaluations of the person as a way to prevent the person from achieving his or her goals. This behavior can often be attributed to certain feelings, such as dislike or anger. The negative evaluation of the person may involve criticizing his or her actions, efforts or characteristics.[1] Social undermining is seen in relationships between family members, friends, personal relationships and co-workers. Social undermining can affect a person’s mental health, including an increase in depressive symptoms. This behavior is only considered social undermining if the person’s perceived action is intended to hinder their target. When social undermining is seen in the work environment the behavior is used to hinder the co-worker’s ability to establish and maintain a positive interpersonal relationship, success and a good reputation.[2] Examples of how an employee can use social undermining in the work environment are behaviors that are used to delay the work of co-workers, to make them look bad or slow them down, competing with co-workers to gain status and recognition and giving co-workers incorrect or even misleading information about a particular job.
Social undermining has been very effective in the workplace.[3] Various aspects of social undermining have affected the workplace and specific races. In workplaces, social undermining has connection with social interaction. Research has shown if a person has a supportive environment in their work setting, they are more likely to have a more satisfied life. Research has shown that social undermining exists in a separate and distinct continuum when looking at positive workplace behavior (e.g. social support).[citation needed]
Social undermining can arise through interactions with co-workers and supervisors; these interactions have an effect on the workers that are being undermined and can affect their work performance. Vinokur found that those who alleged to have social undermining in the workplace reported to have poorer mental health and experienced less well-being.[4] The study shows that undermining has a significant role in worker-supervisor and co-worker relationship and that it leads to various different outcomes such as feelings of irritability, anxiety, depersonalization, and depression. It shows that social undermining affects a person’s work ethics and well being.
Various different empirical studies have found that undermining has three specific factors[which?] that develop counterfactual thoughts. For example: “what would my life be like if I were not the target of undermining?” These studies’ findings[which?] indicate that “this rift plays a role in determining the magnitude of the employee’s reaction to the event by making the deprived state more salient”.[5][6][7][8]
Behaviors of social undermining can affect a person and his or her perceptions. The study conducted by Gant et al. addressed African American workers’ perceptions of co-workers and supervisors.[9] The research by Duffy, Gangster, Shaw, Johnson, and Pagon[3] addressed the fairness theory introduced by Folger and Cropanzano 1998.[5] The fairness theory suggests that when individuals face negative situations (such as being undermined by coworkers or supervision) they make cognitive comparisons known as counterfactual thoughts; i.e., they compare what actually happened to what might have been.[10] The results show that social undermining is closely related to attitudes and behavior regarding one person being or feeling “singled out”.
While social undermining can affect a person’s behavior and attitude on their job, it can also bring about envy. Envy can have a positive or negative effect: positive effects include increased performance or attempts at self-improvement. However, envy can have some very harmful effects, including aggression or crime. It can lead to belittling, gossip, withholding information, and giving someone the silent treatment.

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Celebrity Killer Art and Literature featuring Painfuldise and The Veronica Rodriguez

celebrity killer declares succubus to be a unisex word

Painfuldise – Land of the Succubus and her never ending line of Wanting Victims. I The Creator needs to not only correct myself but all historical dictionaries regarding the definition for the word SUCCUBUS. SUCCUBUS is a unisex word that represents both Female and Male equally. For I have learned that a MALE can be just as Evil Minded – Malicious with Cruel Premeditated Pathetic Intent to try and destroy another persons life, steal their property and or identity, or to simply entertain themselves at the expense of another. EVIL BEYOND COMPREHENSION ..IS.. The definition of SUCCUBUS. Unfortunately for the SUCCUBUS, Church is always in session. For the Camera’s Eye Of GOD is always on, and the Camera’s Eye Of GOD never turns off. Therefor, church is in session when you are watching movies, at work or school, when you are playing ice hockey, during your bachelorette and or bachelor party, when you are getting married, when you are eating frosted flakes, and before the day you are born to infinity. So what makes a FEMALE – MALE – SUCCUBUS think that the Camera’s Eye Of GOD can not see when the SUCCUBUS and or SUCCUBUS’ES are engaging in Disgraceful – Heinous – Beyond Evil Acts? I the Creator do not currently have the answer to this question, for I do not and may never fully understand the deepest and darkest layers of evil. But if one or all truly believes in PEACE – LOVE – AND GOODNESS TO ALL – than one or all will never have to worry about becoming a SUCCUBUS before the CAMERA’S EYE OF GOD. So say’s The Creator. Celebrity Killer declares Succubus to be a unisex word.

Painfuldise Succubus

Painfuldise – Land of the Succubus and her never ending line of Wanting Victims. Are you worthy?

Celebrity Killer

The Veronica Rodriguez by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer Art – 39 Hour Clock – Painfuldise

Celebrity Killer

Celebrity Killer Art. O yeah, you need a 39 Hour Clock with a girl like that.

Painfuldise Succubus

Painfuldise – Land of the Succubus and her never ending line of Wanting Victims. Original word, Succubus story and Succubus characters created by Celebrity Killer. Renato Caravaggio.

Celebrity Killer Original Creation – Painfuldise – Succubus The Game Of Take

Celebrity Killer Fictional Stories

A Celebrity Killer original creation. Painfuldise – Mystical Land of the Succubus, Supreme Goddess Augustames, The Hair Queen, Ostrich Fairy, Silky Ice Killer, Dezarae The Demon, Bang Bang Boogie, Headless Whores, Ms. Eccentric Likes To Wear Boot Gloves, The Venezuelan Princess, Off Day Yellow, Evil Asian Homo That Can Never Be, Secret Creatures Unknown, and the never ending line of Wanting Victims. So say’s The Creator. Original Succubus World, Succubus Characters, Succubus Story and or stories created by Celebrity Killer and Celebrity Killer only. Renato Caravaggio.

Celebrity Killer Is Hollywood.

Celebrity Killer Photograph Art

Celebrity Killer say’s “A True Fisherman can always see another from a far. “A True Fisherman”. And I’m a whole lot more than that.

Celebrity Killer

My Succubus comes in many forms. Which one will she be today or tonight? For the meaning of the past is erased and they start from inception again. Either until she finishes him or his instincts kick in. One verse many, and one’s gonna win. Yet he still maintains his promise to always love her. For their are only two supremely equal and infinite forms of true love which are exhibited by either “Walking Away With Them Always In Your Heart” or “Murder”. Both forms are perfectly equal and honorable never to be surpassed with in the galaxy and beyond. For Painfuldise is All-Everywhere-Rise and Fall. So Say’s The Creator – Celebrity Killer – Renato Caravaggio.

Celebrity Killer

Celebrity Killer Say’s Hollywood Is His TOWN.

Celebrity Killer

Celebrity Killer Art Apparel by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer

Sexy Chair Photo Collage by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer Sexy Chair

Enter Sexy Chair by Celebrity Killer.