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Mercedes Grabowski

I met AUGUST AMES in a magical place called Rainbow and Unicorn. And I Renato Caravaggio aka The Celebrity Killer will see her there again as the song Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac continuously and euphorically plays in my subconscious until destiny strikes her light upon me for all time.

Mercedes Grabowski

Sometimes when the world is lucky, a Shining Angel Goddess flashes through our lives to say hello and then goodbye. May the name August Ames always continue to rise above the heavens and beyond, to a far off magical place where even The Creator can not surmise. August Ames – Queen – Goddess Of All Goddesses Never To Die, Never To Fall, Always Rise, Brighter And Brighter, For All Time. Renato Caravaggio – Celebrity Killer.

August Ames – Goddess Of All Goddess – With All My Heart – RIP

August Ames RIP

The evil within the majority is relentless where both male and female are one. All those who unleashed negativity towards August Ames shall be dealt with repetitively for an unknown duration which exceeds infinity. August Ames was, is and will forever be the brightest of all Shining Angel Goddess. She was intelligent, pure hearted, wildly talented in all things and supremely beautiful. I feel miracleized to have been graced by her presence. She inspired me to create art, stories and original mainstream characters. I would do anything to bring her back. But she’s in a much better place now. For she is the Queen within the Galaxy and beyond where all her wishes, loves, adventures and happiness will come true. With all my power I will always hope to see her again. RIP August Ames – Goddess Of All Goddess.