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Celebrity Killer Is Hollywood.

Celebrity Killer Photograph Art

Celebrity Killer say’s “A True Fisherman can always see another from a far. “A True Fisherman”. And I’m a whole lot more than that.

Celebrity Killer

My Succubus comes in many forms. Which one will she be today or tonight? For the meaning of the past is erased and they start from inception again. Either until she finishes him or his instincts kick in. One verse many, and one’s gonna win. Yet he still maintains his promise to always love her. For their are only two supremely equal and infinite forms of true love which are exhibited by either “Walking Away With Them Always In Your Heart” or “Murder”. Both forms are perfectly equal and honorable never to be surpassed with in the galaxy and beyond. For Painfuldise is All-Everywhere-Rise and Fall. So Say’s The Creator – Celebrity Killer – Renato Caravaggio.

Celebrity Killer

Celebrity Killer Say’s Hollywood Is His TOWN.

Celebrity Killer

Celebrity Killer Art Apparel by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer

Sexy Chair Photo Collage by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer Sexy Chair

Enter Sexy Chair by Celebrity Killer.