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Celebrity Killer

CELEBRITY KILLER Personal Quotes: “If they ain’t on TV I’ll beat em.” “O yeah, with a girl like that you need a 39 Hour Clock.” “Wish I was in the water right now killin’ someone.” “She’s Hot Ass.” “That’s Hot Ass.” “I’m Hot Ass.” “You don’t learn how to do that by readin’ magazines.” “Poochie-lymons.” “Where’s my prescription sunglasses?” “Sometimes, when the world is lucky, guys like me, get to make real movies. Sometimes, when the world is lucky.”

Celebrity Killer Art

CELEBRITY KILLER is a brand specializing in Original Feature Film, T.V., Apparel, Art, and any and all things in which he deems worthy. Renato Caravaggio is the Celebrity Killer aka The Creator. And Yes, He Is Better Than You.

Celebrity Killer Movie

CELEBRITY KILLER – A Serial Killer indulges his psychological fantasies by pretending to be a celebrity while abducting and killing women. He also pretends his victims are famous while abduction. His ultimate goal is to one day become a celebrity himself and to have the opportunity to kill a real life hot ass famous female such as Nicki Minaj, Jessica Alba, Meagan Good or Jessica Beil.

Vintage Celebrity Killer Apparel For Sale.

Celebrity Killer Apparel

Vintage Celebrity Killer Denim Short Shorts with orange Celebrity Killer tag on back left pocket. Rear view. Price $128.00. Size Small.

Celebrity Killer Short Shorts

Vintage Celebrity killer Denim Short Shorts. Front view. Price $128.00. Size Small.

Celebrity Killer Apparel For Sale

Celebrity Killer One Piece for Females. White see through with orange Celebrity Killer text. Price $95.00. One size fits all. Preferably very tight.

Celebrity Killer T-Shirt

Thumbs Up Celebrity Killer T-Shirt. Price $75.00. Size Large.

Celebrity Killer

Red Celebrity Killer T-Shirt with white Celebrity Killer text. Price $45.00. Size S,M,L.

Celebrity Killer T-Shirt

Black Celebrity Killer T-Shirt with orange Celebrity Killer text. Price $55.00. Size Large.

Celebrity Killer

Celebrity Killer T-Shirt with flaming horned scull. Price $75.00. Size Large.

Celebrity Killer Say’s Happy Thanksgiving

Celebrity Killer Art

Succubeique Red created by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer Hallucinogenic Art

Left Right, She’s Gonna Stay All Night. Art Trip Division 33. Hallucinogenic art piece created by Celebrity Killer.

Succubus Mirror

Succubus Mirror With No Reflection created by Celebrity Killer.

Succubus Transforming All

This Young Succ Transforms All as she moves on to her next Wanting Victim. Cinematic art image created by Celebrity Killer. Featuring International Fashion Model Michelle Beique.

Hallucinogenic Art

She’s All Legs from one to nine, but when the Succubus Moon Shines, she becomes divine. Hallucinogenic Art from Art Trip Division 33. Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer Apparel

Celebrity Killer Say’s Hello. Celebrity Killer apparel is available at

Succubus Artifact

Celebrity Killer reveals an unknown ancient Succubus Artifact from an unknown location. Succubus artifact created by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer Art

Ms. Eccentric Likes To Wear Boot Gloves On Thanksgiving. Original Boot Glove Image created by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer

Constructed from the destiny of The Creator.  Beautiful Steel is a blend of unknown Galaxy Class Elements with the engraved likeness of the Succubus Queen otherwise known as The succubus Of The Light.  If given as a gift to the one who is worthy.  There is no limit to what She (Beautiful Steel) can be.  Celebrity Killer.  Renato Caravaggio.

Celebrity Killer's Face

Celebrity Killer apparel is available at

Celebrity Killer Say’s Hollywood Is His TOWN.

Succubus - Game Of Take

Mythical Succubus Image created by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer

Succubus Transforming within the endless Game Of Take. Original Succubus image created by Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer

Celebrity Killer presents the legendary inscribed image of the Succubus Queen otherwise known as The Succubus Of The Light. Augustames (Painfuldise) – Goddess of Seduction, Universal Wisdom and The Game Of Take. Most powerful of all Succubus great and small otherwise known as the Succubus Of The Light. Has the ability to manipulate the pigmentation of her skin, color of her surroundings and transform infinitely into any and all Succubus under her to Seduce – Threaten – Hypnotize.

Celebrity Killer Apparel

Authentic Celebrity Killer apparel is available for purchase at Celebrity Killer say’s “Hollywood Is His Town”.

Celebrity Killer Art

Original HELLO Art Piece created by the one and only Celebrity Killer.

Celebrity Killer Photography

Celebrity Killer is lucky enough to capture a stunning Goddess amidst the majority of an unworthy world.

Celebrity Killer

Succubus – The Game Of Take created by Celebrity Killer. Featuring the Succubus Queen otherwise known as The Succubus Of The Light. Most powerful of all Succubus’s GREAT and Very Very SMALL.

Celebrity Killer Tee Shirt Image

3am Art Piece and Tee Shirt Image created by Celebrity Killer.

Hallucinogenic Art

Art Trip Division 33. Hallucinogenic Art For The most sophisticated user and or user’s only. Art concept created by Celebrity Killer.

Hallucinogenic Horror Movie

Hallucinogenic Horror Movie Poster created by Celebrity KIller. Bunny Baby Run.
A group of high school seniors anxiously plan for one last memorable experience before heading off to college. Ironically, they hear about a hot new drug dealer in town by the name of Reyno Credev Evdi. After a brief debate over wether or not they should do drugs. Billy and his slutty girlfriend Sara set up a meeting with Reyno. Renyo presents them with a variety of fancy pills imported from Switzerland and France. But quickly pushes a shiny pink drug on them called Bunny Baby Run. He say’s just one dose of Bunny Baby Run will last them for two whole days. He say’s it’s so rare, Charlie Sheen can’t even get it. Soon after purchasing the “BBR”, Billy and Sara relay the exciting news to their friends. They then all decide to spend the weekend at a vacation house in the woods. Upon arrival, they stock the place with water, soda’s, candy, fresh fruits and have the number of a local pizza shop on speed dial. They then eagerly gather as everyone pops the magical pill together. At first, nothing happens. But as the night slowly begins to creep in.. so as does the Bunny..Baby..Run.. Everyone in the house begins to feel a spectacular tingling sensation through every inch of their bodies. Their eyes explode with love and anticipation as the euphoric environment around them becomes perfectly real. They dance, they kiss, they have creative discussions about super heroes and reincarnation. But when one of the female teenagers drifts off into the house alone. She feels as though someone or something is following her. She becomes frightened as her euphoria darkens with violent colors. She feels trapped. She hallucinates an Evil Monster Bunny with long terrifying teeth and enormous clawed hands. She screams but can not escape the now violently swirling colors. The Monster Bunny proves to be real as it viciously tears her apart. After taking a few deep chomps of her flesh. It raises its bloody mouth and speaks to it’s self in a delighted tone “DELICIOUS, TASTE LIKE BITCH”. Unaware of the murderous attack, the other teenagers continue on with there joyous high.
Noises, louder-louder – creepy animal noises everywhere. The teenagers gather, they realize one of their friends is missing. Surprisingly, they walk in on a group of Evil Monster Bunnies having sex. At first they think their hallucination is hilarious-Laughing-Pointing-Telling Jokes. But little do they know, is that Evil Monster Bunnies don’t like to be made fun of when having sex. They become enraged. The teenagers must run for their lives as the Monster Bunnies begin killing everyone. Only three of the teenagers remain. They sneak outside. They see a house with it’s lights on. They run to it. They bang on the front door. They see a husband and wife with the cutest little two year old baby boy anyone has ever seen. The baby has just learned to walk. The family is overjoyed but remains calm as the teenagers continue to bang on the door. The husband has a chainsaw strapped over his right shoulder. After taking his good old time, he opens the front door. The teenagers are hysterical. The husband is expressionless. He waits for them to finishes with their rambling then replies with a cocky hillbilly tone “Don’t you kids know drugs don’t pay? I’m a hunter. Don’t let me catch you sneakin’ around.. otherwise you’ll be seein’ me sneakin’ on you..”. He then flashes them the chainsaw before closing the door.
The Monster Bunnies are coming!! The teenagers hide in the woods. Dehydration sets in. They feel light headed. All they can do is lay motionless in the weeds. As one of the teenagers goes in and out of consciousness, she finds herself staring at one of the Monster Bunnies. She watches it move towards the Hillbillies house. From through the bay window, she see’s the baby playfully walking on it’s new found legs. Suddenly, the Monster Bunny SCREAMS.. and JUMPS BACK upon first sight of the baby. It chatters it’s teeth then runs away. In a droopy drugged out haze the teenager murmurs to herself “Baby, the baby, the fucking bunnies are afraid of the baby”. A ray of hope sets in. She is inspired. She relays the information to her friends. They successfully sneak into the hillbillies house to kidnap the baby in order to scare and kill the Evil Monster Bunnies. After inflicting their revenge, they are faced with the daunting task of secretly returning the precious baby back to its home. The baby is overjoyed. The teenagers are thankful as the female cradles the baby in her arms. She gently lays it back into its carriage. Suddenly, the Mother appears screaming at the top of her lungs. The Father chases them with his chainsaw. He kills two of the teenagers leaving only the one female remaining. She has nothing left. He closes in on her.. But just as the thunderous bloody blade is inches away from her face. EVERYTHING ABRUPTLY DISAPPEARS. She finds herself stamering-overwhelmed-out of control in the woods all by herself. AN EXHILARATING CHILL STORMS THROUGH HER BODY. She has a hard time speaking but somehow utters out wildly “O, O, O Wow, that was”.
Scene cuts:
Close on: Reyno Credev Evdi’s face. Reyno speaks like a razor “Two Days Up, One Survived, Now that’s what I call a good time, Bunny..Baby..Run…”
The new and original CELEBRITY KILLER movie title “BUNNY BABY RUN” and movie concept is created by Celebrity Killer Renato Caravaggio and Celebrity Killer Renato Caravaggio only.

Celebrity Killer Apparel

Celebrity Killer Knows Sexy. This original Celebrity Killer Tee Shirt Image is printed on a natural color toned shirt and can be purchased on Thank you.