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CELEBRITY KILLER Renato Caravaggio Is The Greatest Tennis Player In Lawrence County History

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RENATO CARAVAGGIO FROM NEW CASTLE PA IS STILL from inception till now (2019) not only the best tennis player from Neshannock, but is also still the best tennis player in NEW CASTLE HISTORY (2019).  Renato Caravaggio played in Wpial Class AAA which is the highest division with the best players from the biggest schools.  So again, Renato Caravaggio was the Big Bad Wolf among the Big Dogs from the Big Schools.  Now let’s try this one more time for those of you who are still confused over the drastic contrast on the big stage between Wpial Class AAA vs. AA.  Why don’t we try imagining MIKE TYSON vs. Sir Hector Pablo Louis Concheta Bonita.  Do you know who is Sir Hector Pablo Louis Concheta Bonita?  Exactly.  Neither do I.  Renato Caravaggio’s overall tennis credentials are as followed:  As a Freshman, Renato Caravaggio was undefeated in section play and qualified for the WPIAL Boys Singles Class AAA tournament.  They did not have the MAC tournament during his Freshman and Sophomore year’s which he would have won.  Renato Caravaggio finished 5th in the Middles States Tournament defeating Robert Kintner in a three set match.  Middle States covers the entire state of Pennsylvania and consist of the best tournament players from the State and Nation.  Renato Caravaggio received an invitation as the seventh ranked singles player in the Middle States to play in the KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN USTA BOY’S NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS.  The two most prestigious National Tournaments in the country still to this day, are KALAMAZOO and The ORANGE BOWL.  Only the most elite tennis players in the nation are invited to such events, and Renato Caravaggio was one of those elite athletes.  Renato Caravaggio as a Junior destroyed the competition in section play (Again Undefeated) and also at the MAC tournament.  Renato Caravaggio was the 3rd seed at the 1992 WPIAL Boys Singles – Class AAA Division.  Renato Caravaggio played Mike Tain in the final and finished second.  Keep in mind, Renato played a near three hour match against Brad Wade, and then was granted the task of playing the final with only an hour’s rest, no fresh clothing other than a shirt, no shower and nothing to eat.  HE did not lose straight up – This is a FACT.  Renato Caravaggio as a Senior, again was undefeated in section play, pulverized the competition at the MAC tournament and was the NUMBER 1 Seed at the 1993 WPIAL Boys Singles – Class AAA Division.  The number one seed Renato Caravaggio was then upset in the finals by Brad Wade 7-5, 7-5.  Now..their’s a long……disturbing……story behind why he lost.  And this long……disturbing……story cost Renato from being one of the TOP SEEDED PLAYERS AT THE CLASS AAA STATE TOURNAMENT.  This was depressing and affected his overall mental preparation and desire to continue.  THIS IS A FACT.  ALL of the Top Seeded Players Knew EXACTLY Who Renato Caravaggio was.  Such as Matt Guyaux, Kent Koch, Jonathan Brown, and Brad Wade.  And they warned those who did not know.  Renato Caravaggio beat Jonathan Brown 2-3 times and never lost.  Renato Caravaggio was superior to Kent Koch and he knew this.  Renato Caravaggio is the only PLAYER from Pittsburgh who ever went three sets with Matt Guyaux – 6-0 – “I WAS Easily Distracted.”  The only other PLAYER from the Middle States within they’re age group to do so was Ben Gabler.  And with all due respect to Mr. Brad Wade.  Everyone from this time period knows who the Big Fish was, (ME).  Lastly, Renato Caravaggio was always ranked among the top in his class in the Middle States from the age of 13-18.  Renato’s tennis coach was ERIC RILEY – A Professional Athlete from Philadelphia PA.  ERIC RILEY was and still is one of the best tennis coaches in the world.  Renato Caravaggio received offers to attend La Salle University, Seton Hall University, Temple University, and West Point.  Renato Caravaggio attended the University Of Pittsburgh.  He was redshirted and in contention to be the University’s number 1 player.  Renato lived in the athletic dorm over looking Pitt Stadium, practiced with the team and used the fitness facilities for athletes.  Due to some sort of women’s rights issue.  The University Of Pittsburgh dropped and or discontinued the tennis team and various other activities.  He was ecstatically relieved.  He did not transfer.  For you see, Renato never really enjoyed playing tennis.  He had only one moment of pleasure.  And that moment, had nothing to do…with hitting the fuzzy green ball…over the net (2013).  Renato was then finally able to focus on becoming a HOLLYWOOD FILMMAKER.  CELEBRITY KILLER.  
NOTE:  It’s important for a High School, a University, a professional athletic team, or any valid place of business to NOT ONLY KNOW they’re own HISTORY, but to ALSO REMEMBER they’re own history.  NESHANNOCK has consistently shown they do not KNOW nor REMEMBER nor CARE to Remember they’re only history.  So with absolutely NO RESPECT to NESHANNOCK, and with absolutely NO RESPECT to Jessica Levine from Neshannock.  The following for HISTORICAL ACCURACY and TRUTH will be stated.  Jessica Levine was inducted into the New Castle Historical Society in 2017.  Jessica Levine played Class AA is Tennis, NOT AAA.  If Jessica Levine wanted, she could have easily, at any time played in Class AAA  for Tennis.  She had four years to do so if she so pleased.  But she did not want to play in Class AAA.  Jessica Levine did not want to play in Class AAA, because if she had, she would NOT have made it past the first round of the Wpial Class AAA tournament.  This is a FACT.  Not an opinion.  And yes, she also played Hop Scotch, Chicken Wings and Spin The Yellow Hula Hoop As Fast As You Can – But Don’t Spin To Fast – Spin At My Pace And When I’m Ready, Then Honor Me For My Amazing Achievements, because I want Everyone To Remember As Soon As Possible.  This is a sad representation of Sapping ONE’S Time and Truth from the majority.  Also, KEVIN COVERT is the best basketball player to have ever played at NESHANNOCK.  KEVIN COVERT is also still ranked number one on the all time scoring list.  KEVIN COVERT was and still is a real all around BALLER, and they forgot about his History and Truth as well.  They put many of those who are much lessor before he and I.  We will now end with a Renato Caravaggio quote from his highly rhetorical and knowledgeable mouth.  “The clearest path to victory, is the truth.  Don’t let The Sappers Of Time – Talent – Life – Money and Truth, misguide and or disrespect you’re accomplishments, dilute you’re History and or Truth to conform to they’re own fiction, not reality.  Because if you let them, they will.  They will, with a dumbfounded smile on they’re faces, for all time.  I Renato Caravaggio should have went to New Castle High School.  I am very sorry I did not.  My many apologies on this.  The truth has now been printed and will remain on the internet forever.  My continuation on said minuscule topic is now OVER.”  CELEBRITY KILLER     
WPIAL Boys Singles – Class AAA ALL TIME LIST
1992 WPIAL Boys Singles – Class AAA Final – Mike Tain vs. Renato Caravaggio
1993 Wpial Boys Singles – Class AAA Final – Renato Caravaggio vs. Brad Wade
Tennis – Renato Caravaggio
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