Celebrity Killer Products and Literature

Fluorescent Cocaine is yet another original creation created by CELEBRITY KILLER and CELEBRITY KILLER OnLy.  Fluorescent Cocaine Sativa – A Marijuana Product was first introduced within the lyrics of a CELEBRITY KILLER song titled Pink Gummy Bears And Fluorescent Cocaine.  Fluorescent Cocaine is and will be a legal marijuana product that will be sold across the world.  Fluorescent Cocaine is merely one of many legal marijuana products that has been created and will be sold by and through CELEBRITY KILLER.  CELEBRITY KILLER is a brand specializing in Original Feature Film, T.V., Apparel, Art, and any and all things in which he deems worthy. Renato Caravaggio is the Celebrity Killer aka The Creator. And Yes, He Is Better Than You, EVERYONE…  Also, Fluorescent Cocaine “Sativa” may or may not be used in the feature film concept created by CELEBRITY KILLER titled Pink Gummy Bears & Fluorescent Cocaine.  The synopsis for Pink Gummy Bears & Fluorescent Cocaine is written below.  Thank you. 

Pink Gummy Bears & Fluorescent Cocaine – Comedic Adventure – Movie Concept

When a struggling screenwriter is heartbroken after his girlfriend dumps him on Valentine’s day.  To escape reality, he gets drunk and dreams about the fictitious Asian girl on his wall named Orangina.  Once inside dreamland, he’s sent on a wildly creative/dangerous adventure as he must find some Pink Gummy Bears and Fluorescent Cocaine in order to have sex with his new found love interest.  After barely achieving his near impossible task, he is awakened by the sound of a semi truck crashing into the side of his apartment complex.  He brightly smiles with the realization he now has a sellable screenplay to write, but above and beyond ALL, he wants to go back, go back and do it ALL….Over….Again.  And maybe this time, her name will be Purplelina.