CELEBRITY KILLER 2019 Movie Synopsis

CELEBRITY KILLER – A Serial Killer who indulges his psychological fantasies by pretending to be a Celebrity while abducting and killing women. He also pretends his victims are famous while abduction. His ultimate goal is to one day become a Celebrity himself and to have the opportunity to kill a real life hot ass famous female such as MARGOT ROBBIE, NICKI MINAJ, MEAGAN VERY…GOOD… MILEY CYRUS, JESSICA BIEL, up-and-comer KAILEE MORGUE, SCARLETT JOHANSSON, but never, never never EVER, La La La, La La La, LANA DEL REY. For his favorite dessert is FAMOUS. And sometimes, when the WORLD is LUCKY, guys like him, get to make REAL MOVIES, sometimes, when the WORLD is LUCKY. CELEBRITY KILLER. The Celebrity Killer. Celebritykiller.com