Spectrum Miami 2016 – Renato Caravaggio

Renato Caravaggio

Art Pieces titled Succubus Blue and Succubus Of The Light being prepared to hang on the Artavita wall inside Spectrum Miami.

Renato Caravaggio

Renato Caravaggio stands in front of four of his art pieces at Spectrum Miami.

Renato Caravaggio's Art

Renato Caravaggio poses with a nice lady in front of his Succubus Art Collection from Spectrum Miami.

Renato Caravaggio's Art Piece

Now i had to go through HELL to get my beautiful Silky Ice Killer Number 9 on the wall. But i did it and she’s looking fine and silky.

Renato Caravaggio's Name Tags

Well i paid lots of money for my wall and the guy in charge didn’t supply me with a name tag. So i went to staples and the nice guy in this picture helped me right away. I like both tags. I like the white and i like the black. Which one you like?